8/10 I don’t think I’ve ever given a TV show the same rating three seasons in a row but “Yellowstone” is nothing if not consistent. In my season one review I complimented Taylor Sheridan for planning out the series and not blowing his best ideas early while simultaneously making it up as he went along. Season two and now three prove that Sheridan knows how to pace himself with his characters and plot lines. One of my initial biggest complaints about this season was going to be about newcomer Josh Holloway as the villainous Roarke. I was excited about the casting and possibility of him as the villain for the season but then was frustrated when he is hardly in the season. Despite being in nine of the ten episodes, he seemed to have very limited screen time. I wrongfully assumed he would only be around for one season but my assumption was thankfully incorrect as Sheridan has plans for him past this season so this was more for his introduction than his entire arc, therefore making it ok that he isn’t around as much as I thought he’d be. The acting, score, cinematography, etc. all continue to impress while the writing is some of the best you’ll find anywhere on TV today. The show paces out its epic moments but something is always happening. While some shows (even great ones) tend to have at least one “filler” episode per season, “Yellowstone” avoids this blunder. Even on episodes where nothing extremely epic or eventful happens, the show is always moving forward and characters are always being developed. Even just in a short three seasons did my thoughts on the character of Jamie completely change. Great writing allows for that kind of development, progression and change instead of taking the easy or lazy route and letting characters plateau. Another factor that I thought would be a problem this season was the fact that every season so far has largely been about outsiders trying to take the Dutton’s land. As the season began, I started to think to myself, “Ok, how many seasons can we have be about the same thing? Someone wants to take the Dutton’s land to build something and those people are interchangeable with each new season.” Even though season three still follows that path, the show somehow manages to make each season and antagonist different and exciting. What should feel repetitive is instead fresh and new somehow. The final several minutes of the season finale blew me away and has me thankful that I only have to wait a month before season four begins (although I will wait for the season to conclude so I can binge watch it so realistically it will be a few months from now). Now three seasons in, you can tell that the creative team behind the scenes and the actors in front of the camera have gotten into a comfortable groove and are firing on all cylinders. Each character has something to do and I couldn’t be more excited for my 2nd most anticipated returning show of the year to debut in June. Put on your best pair of overalls, stick a tooth pick in your mouth and wrangle yourself this show to watch as soon as possible.

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