6.5/10 A movie that your enjoyment will be completely dependent upon your expectations, “Willy’s Wonderland” is a ridiculous, over the top romp that I found to be pretty fun, despite its unbelievable insanity. The story follows a silent Nicholas Cage (he doesn’t say a single word in this movie) who gets tricked into doing a night of janitorial work at Willy’s Wonderland, only to find out that demonic animatronics feast off of the unsuspecting souls who enter. Cage has to fight through the night to survive as he is joined by several teenagers looking to put a stop to Willy’s Wonderland once and for all. If that premise sounds crazy, it’s because it is. Yet I found myself enjoying the silliness as I laughed at the over the top violence, Cage’s hilarious behavior and one of the best elements of the film, the original score/soundtrack from Émoi. Willy’s Wonderland is a Chuck E. Cheese/Peter Piper Pizza type joint, so hearing the cheesy kids music play over the brutal fight scenes was highly entertaining for me. The script is paper thin with all but one of the teenagers having no character arcs or development and even Cage’s character we really know nothing about since he never speaks. Actually developing the characters and giving the antagonists more motivation besides just being evil would have benefited this movie. I know no one is expecting much in terms of plot and characters, but they would have made the film better. There are funny moments in the film but a dance scene with Cage starts to overstay its welcome and the film could have been funnier. The effects are cheesy, although it suits the overall nature of the film so you won’t mind. Some moments are straight up impossible but realism was never the goal of the film makers and that’s ok. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the editing during some of the fight scenes as what’s going on can be a little difficult to see but that comes down to the stylistic choices of director Kevin Lewis. This movie can be placed in the category of the recent “Psycho Goreman” and along the ranks of movies like “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” so if those “so bad they’re good” type of movies are your cup of tea, there will be some joy to be found here. It may be clichéd (killing off the horny teenagers one by one) but the pure insanity and Cage being Cage will provide some laughter within its quick running time.

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