6.5/10 After hearing that “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” were the lesser of the Marvel/Netflix shows, I had somewhat low expectations for this debut season. To my surprise, I found it to be better than both freshman seasons of “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage”, trailing behind only the mighty “Daredevil” seasons, which seem to universally be seen as the best. Danny Rand AKA the Iron Fist is similar to Luke Cage in the sense that I have mixed feelings on his character. On the positive end, he has been taught kindness and trying to solve problems by talking instead of fighting. For a superhero, this is a rarity. He is dedicated to the ones he loves and has a lot of compassion for people. On the negative end, besides having a similar dead parent problem to Bruce Wayne/Batman, he contradicts himself a lot. He is taught to harness his chi and not let his emotions control him. Yet he was the least emotionally disciplined character in the show besides the drug addict. Especially as the season progresses, he loses all control and lets anger and emotions get the better of him. For someone who trained for 15 years to control his chi and emotions, he sure is terrible at doing so. He also keeps saying how his sworn mission is to defeat the evil group known as The Hand, yet only beats them up, which means they are free to leave and fight another day. No one from The Hand gets arrested or dies due to Danny so I am pretty sure he doesn’t know what the definitions of “defeat” and “destroy” are when he constantly fails to do so, which became frustrating. His character seemed stronger in the first half of the season. I did like the supporting cast as more than any other of these Marvel/Netflix shows, this one focuses on family the most. The complicated relationships, issues and traumas brought on by family are addressed here and it made the season feel very personal and intimate. I preferred it to the “the entire world is at stake” problems that end with some giant sky beam. Much like the Marvel films, Netflix has done a solid job of introducing each of these characters who come together in the next Marvel/Netflix show to review, “The Defenders”. “Iron Fist” also seems to have a deep mythology, rooted in Asian heritage and culture which I found to be fascinating, yet the show doesn’t over rely on flashbacks of Danny’s training by monks for filler. There is a lot of mystery surrounding his training as we only get tiny teaser glimpses and I enjoyed that. This probably also has the best score/music out of all these Marvel/Netflix shows so far, with a mix of techno beats and Asian influenced music. The theme music alone was a highlight for me. Having Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple, the connecting tissue between all of these shows, show up was great and she did more than just stitch up wounds this season. Her and Colleen Wing, played beautifully by Jessica Henwick, added up to a great supporting cast of badass women. Although this is random, I have to point out that Tom Pelphrey who plays Ward, looks like a cross between Justin Long and Frank Whaley, but with the voice of Michael Shannon. The villain’s original motivations are pretty nonsensical and I didn’t buy it, there are definitely some coincidences with people easily able to randomly bump into people they just happen to be looking for and the cops seem to be nonexistent, but despite some of the show’s flaws, as well as Rand’s flaws as a character, “Iron Fist” was enjoyable. The fantastic music, great supporting characters, family dynamics, rich mythology and strong visuals and fight choreography add up to the second best superhero show that Netflix/Marvel has to offer. Next stop…”The Defenders”.

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