6.5/10 Much like “The Mandalorian” being the introduction to new live action shows on Disney+ set in the “Star Wars” universe, “WandaVision” does the same for the Marvel Cinematic Universe or as it is known, the MCU. Like “The Mandalorian”, this is a fun but flawed show that I overall enjoyed, despite some of its problems. While some people on the internet complained that the first three episodes were “filler episodes”, I disagree and found them to be the best episodes of the season. You see, films in the MCU began to feel very formulaic and episodic, much like a TV sitcom. Only big event films like “Captain America: Civil War” and the one two punch of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame” broke up the usual formula a little bit and raised the stakes. So with the first three episodes essentially spoofing classic sitcoms throughout the decades, I was intrigued at what direction the show would go as well as deeply impressed by how era accurate the spoofs were with everything from the sets to the canned laughter to even the actors changing their acting styles to match whichever show they were spoofing (Elizabeth Olsen impersonating Claire Dunphy for the “Modern Family” style episode was a definite highlight). Each episode getting a TV theme song from Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez was also one of the best elements to come out of the show. So having the first few episodes shrouded in mystery, breaking up the formula of most Marvel films was fantastic but as the season went on, it fell back into the predictable Marvel formula and by the season finale’s end, the season closed on your typical CGI battle/sky beam that every Marvel film ends with. I loved the beginning of the show and all the Easter eggs/references to other old shows, the acting was phenomenal (Elizabeth Olsen is worthy of an Emmy nomination for her work here), the production design and score were wonderful, etc. There is a lot to enjoy here and the episodes don’t run super long so this is a relatively quick binge watch. Despite the show devolving into your standard MCU fair, the biggest problem I had with the show is all of the inconsistencies with the rules of the universe established and things that just flat out don’t make sense. For example, in one scene a man is choking and Vision (played effortlessly by Paul Bettany) reaches through his throat to pull out the food. Yet in another episode he has a piece of gum stuck in his own body, yet doesn’t reach through and just pull it out. Another problem is that the show’s villain tells Wanda that she has never been able to control her and get into her head. Later on in the show, Wanda is able to do so. So which is it? Seems inconsistent to me. A final example consists of Wanda in a rune where her powers don’t work (which is already a super huge coincidence that there are runes underneath the city that Wanda takes over). Since she can’t use any of her powers, wouldn’t the entire town be free from her mind control and the Hex disappear, along with Vision and her kids since she isn’t using any powers down there? There are many questions with no answers and things that make no sense when you stop and think about how nonsensical they are. Also, why were there bees in the sewer as a man crawling through and coming up through a manhole is surrounded by bees? I could see flies but bees? No idea what that was about. Director Hayward was also a boring, cliché bad guy who turns pretty cartoonish by the finale. So while the first half of the season takes big risks and I genuinely enjoyed my time watching the show, the finale ends on what’s comfortable but predictable for Marvel and the many inconsistencies do bring the show down a bit. Worth watching but don’t get your hopes up too high.

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