5/10 Coming off of his introduction in the debut season of “Jessica Jones”, Luke Cage gets his own season and although this is slightly better than the first season of Jones, it ends up being rather mediocre and falls way short of both seasons of “Daredevil”. These Marvel/Netflix shows have all been 13 episodes and while some seasons can sustain the near 13-hour length, other shows/seasons, like this one, just can’t. This season is essentially split into two parts and the problem is that the first half of the season was really strong but the second half of the season fell flat in comparison. I never get into spoilers but the first half of the season had a main villain and a detective who didn’t quite make it to the second part of the season. They were great, multi-layered characters who I enjoyed watching. Once they are gone and a new villain takes center stage for the second half of the season, the show kind of fell apart and became less interesting for me. The villain in the second half of the season is essentially a grown man with mommy and daddy issues who still can’t get over issues from childhood. His motivations were all centered on emotions and he seemed less intelligent and less interesting than the more sinister characters in the first half of the season. As for the character of Cage himself, I also had mixed feeling on him. On one hand, his backstory and superpowers were pretty bland and uninteresting for me. However, on the other hand, him being a role model for the black community who didn’t cuss and deeply cared for his community was a very positive message to send for any young, black viewers as opposed to the gangster, immoral, drug pushing pimp types that many films and shows push to idolize. The character of Cage is a great one for people to look up to and I love that he was a moral man. The cast was very strong and I dug the blaxploitation soundtrack, score and vibe that the show put out, despite taking place in modern times and not the 1970s. The black elements of the show were central to the location and characters and felt very natural and not forced in for political messaging. The action was well done and overall the special effects looked pretty great (although explosions don’t quite live up to some of the other effects). The overarching plot was fine but nothing super memorable although there were a couple great plot twists I didn’t see coming in the first half of the season. Unfortunately for the finale, there were a couple of really cheesy crowd moments and some convenient moments or minor plot points that were lazy or didn’t make sense sprinkled throughout the series. Overall, the season was mediocre but I did like how it set up for a second season. Daredevil is still far ahead of shows featuring Jessica Jones and Luke Cage but I am looking forward to “The Defenders”. Before that, we have our introduction to Iron Fist, so stay tuned for that review in the coming weeks…

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