7.5/10 Upon giving 2017’s “Justice League” a 5/10, I noted how mashing together two different director’s visions created a muddled mess with obvious studio interference. After watching the Snyder Cut, I am reminded how often studio executives make films worse because they aren’t artists; they’re businessmen and businesswomen. If you trust a director enough to give them some free reign, they will more often than not create something special, as Snyder does here. While this is in no way a perfect film, Snyder’s original vision is much improved over the mediocre theatrical release. However, some of the same problems still plague this film. For example, the villain (Steppenwolf) is still very generic, I still wished that Warner Brothers wouldn’t have rushed into this team up film before giving each character their own film beforehand and lastly, we never get to see the world’s reaction to Superman’s return since we did get to see their reaction upon his death. While those same problems remain, this cut adds a couple of its own. While I didn’t mind the four hour running time at all (more on that later), there were a couple scenes that could have been cut or shortened that felt unnecessary. Do we really need to see a line of women singing as Aquaman returns back into the sea? I don’t think so. Lastly, despite the majority of the visual effects looking fantastic, a couple scenes near the beginning stood out due to the special effects looking cheesy. Wonder Woman throwing around some bad guys in the beginning of the film during a bank fight looked really bad and temporarily gave her Flash-like speed in how quickly she moved. Speaking of the Flash, we get a great new sequence with him rescuing a possible love interest during a car crash which was great but the CGI was so obviously CGI (particularly a hot dog) that it distracted me. Besides those flaws, this was an overall very solid film and I wish WB would have been smart and continued the Snyderverse (WB has made a few baffling decisions over the past few years and not just in regards to their handling of their DC properties). Joss Whedon is a much better writer than he is a director and Snyder I’ve found to be an underrated director since critics often call him out for style over substance (which can only sometimes be justified). Whedon didn’t bring anything great to the 2017 version and Snyder wisely didn’t use any of Whedon’s footage, particularly the extremely dumb subplot with a lone, Russian family. For being a four-hour film, the pacing is so well done that the film never drags and your time watching this will fly by. Characters have much more time to be developed and Cyborg and The Flash in particular benefit the most from extra time getting to know them. Even though Steppenwolf was a generic baddie, he even gets more development here as we understand more of his motivations. The new scenes with flash backs are really badass and the set up for things to come feels natural instead of shoe horned in. The third act of this film is the most different but every fight scene is improved in this iteration compared to the 2017 one. Thomas Holkenborg AKA Junkie XL provides a brand new score that is vastly superior this time around. The soundtrack was also much better in this film than the original cut. “Enough is enough. I have had it with these mother f*cking snakes on this mother f*cking plane!” Fans demanded that line be added to “Snakes on a Plane” during reshoots the film did. Sonic the Hedgehog was also redesigned due to fan outcry over his original, disturbing look in the initial trailer so the movie was delayed so Sonic’s look could be improved upon. Now, after years of #ReleaseTheSnyderCut on Twitter and social media, fan outpouring helped WB at least make one decent decision and let Snyder release his original version, without having to worry about cutting the film’s running time for a theatrical release. Despite toxic fandom, it is nice to be reminded of how us in the film fan community can bring about some good for a change and pressure studio executives to make improvements, whether silly (“Snakes on a Plane”) or serious (spending an extra $70 million to finish this film). 2021 will be the year of Zack Snyder as my 10th most anticipated film of this year, “Army of the Dead”, directed by Snyder as well, drops on May 21st. After losing his daughter to suicide and taking some much needed time off from work to be with his family, it is good to have Snyder back making films again. There is now no need to ever watch 2017’s “Justice League” as the Snyder Cut is now the ultimate and best version that we should have gotten in the first place.

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