3/10 As someone who loves intentionally bad movies like “Trolls 2”, “The VelociPastor”, and the “Sharknado” franchise, I was shocked to find a movie within that same genre was playing at a movie theater and therefore, I could go watch and review. A movie I had never previously heard of, “Psycho Goreman” has the same low budget, practical effects, excessive gore and cheesiness of most movies similar to it. A few aspects worked well that gave me hope. The practical effects and creature effects look really good (despite Psycho Goreman looking like a cross between Thanos and an Uruk-hai while the other creatures look like rejects from a “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” episode). Instead of using CGI for the creatures/monsters themselves, they went for the practical, grimier look and it paid off. Most of the score was appropriately cheesy and fitting, particularly the ending credits song written for the movie. Nita-Josee Hanna plays Mimi and despite her character being an awful child, she gives the best performance in the movie and shows some real potential with a future in acting. There were also some funny moments involving our main brother and sister’s parents and just the overall ridiculousness between the two of them. Unfortunately, “Psycho Goreman” can’t sustain its hour and a half run time as it starts strong but loses steam. The fun, cheesy movies I mentioned at the beginning of this review all made me laugh out loud the entire way through, from start to finish. In fact, many of those types of movies are funnier than most cringe worthy, politically correct comedies these days. While this movie had a few laughs, they were way too few and far between to keep me interested. If a movie is going to be intentionally bad and ridiculous for the sake of humor, you really have to crush the humor aspect and this movie fails to do so. I know complaining about inconsistencies in a movie like this is rather pointless and I get things are intentionally done wrong on purpose but there were some inconsistent moments that still bothered me. For example, when Psycho Goreman first meets the two main kids, he doesn’t know what they are as he has apparently never seen human kids before. But later that scene he refers to them as “children” without being told that word, demonstrating he must know what children are if he knows that word. Similarly, he doesn’t know human phrases like, “Dig it?” but near the end of the movie he knows when someone blows you a kiss that you are supposed to catch it, something he would not know. Little things like that may not seem like big deals but they briefly took me out of the movie. Mimi also knew what an alien creature was saying in its language, despite not knowing that language. Overall, if you are looking for a fun, hilarious movie to drink or smoke to, there are better options than this. I applaud the efforts here and the elements that worked, but if you are looking for fun and humor, I’d suggest something more along the lines of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

#NotRatedPG / #GemCellResearch / #PsychoBoreman / #MusicByPandora / #MonstersVsAliens2 / #GemAndTheHolocaust

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