2/10 Are you French and Jewish? Then this is the movie you’ve been waiting your entire life for. If you are literally anybody other than a combination of those two, this is a complete waste of time. It is really baffling that when this movie was pitched to the studio that they thought this would appeal to a wide enough audience to be successful and worth making. It caters to such a specific demographic but really alienates everyone else. Whereas movies like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was specifically about Greeks, at least it was a PG, family friendly movie to draw in family crowds looking for something more wholesome. This fiasco is R rated so no families or young people will have interest in this and for us adults, there is nothing to attract us. This “comedy” is devoid of all laughs (I laughed zero times in the movie), has miserable, self-centered characters who are a chore to be around, is cliché and lacks any and all fun. Situations are ridiculous and over the top, you won’t root for a single character and despite the lean hour and a half running time, this movie drags and feels a lot longer because you are essentially suffering the whole time. Everyone is nasty to each other in the movie, often for no reason and I just couldn’t shake the question of “What was the point of this movie?” once the ending credits thankfully began to roll. Writer/director Amy Miller Gross seems to draw a lot from her own life and experiences (this is just my assumption) but if you write what you know and go that route, the story has to be an engaging, interesting or comical one. This is none of the above. The only couple of minor positives I can applaud are that the music is well suited to the story and a few of (definitely not all of) the actors do their best with their awful scripts given to them (Tom Everett Scott as Silverstone’s husband was pretty awful though). Alicia Silverstone, a talented actress who I recently enjoyed in “The Lodge”, sounds like she got sick during filming and due to this being an independent movie, they couldn’t stop filming so she kept acting with a frog in her throat. I honestly don’t think she talks the way she does in this movie but her voice keeps cracking and it sounded like she had strep throat. It was distracting and I just felt bad for her. Characters do such dumb things, drama seems manufactured to spice things up but ultimately ends up annoying the audience, etc. There is just really no reason anyone should watch this unless, as I stated earlier, you are both French and Jewish so you can relate to ten seconds of this travesty. Audiences need to call off their weddings with Amy Miller Gross and go watch something else.

#Jewless / #MyBigFlatChicWedding / #MiscastFromThePast / #ThatThingYouJew / #TheFrenchAffection / #BlissIs40

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