1.5/10 After 2011, Eddie Murphy took a break from acting because, in his words, “…I was making these shitty movies, and it was like, ‘This shit ain’t fun.’ They giving me Razzies; I think these motherf*ckers gave me the Worst Actor Ever Razzie or some shit. It’s like, ‘Maybe it’s time to take a break?” Oh the irony of Murphy coming back to bring us…a shitty movie. This is a worse wreck for Tracy Morgan than his big car accident a few years back and a bigger crime than any of the tax evasion that Wesley Snipes committed back in 2008. Following in the footsteps of “Dumb and Dumber To”, this is a comedy that came so far after the classic original and is so bad that it should have never been made. It is amazing that this movie feels so similar and so dissimilar to the original. Allow me to explain. On one hand, the plot is extremely close to the original. Take everything that happened to Prince Akeem (Murphy) in the original and it happens to his son in this movie. So many plot points are beat for beat the exact same as the original, especially the last 20 minutes or so. We get tons of overstuffed references to the original and all the old cast coming back for at least a cameo to wink at the audience, making this feel like a lazy copy and paste job of the original. On the other hand, this movie feels completely dissimilar because while the original “Coming to America” was funny, politically incorrect and a hard R rated film, this sequel swaps out the humor and laughter for unfunny woke, feminist propaganda and politically correct PG-13 potty humor with circumcision jokes and farting lions. I laughed one time in the almost two hour run time of this monstrosity. We get lectured about how bad men are and even get some Presidential politics forced in during a barbershop scene that was painful. The movie even goes so far as to point out how characters from the original were so evil and sexist back in the late 80s, when people had a sense of humor and knew what jokes were. Hell, even the return of Borat last year after 14 years away showed that keeping the same, R rated offensive humor can pay off and people will still find it hilarious but this movie does the exact opposite of what Borat did. Wesley Snipes is embarrassingly over the top and Leslie Jones might be less funny than Adolf Hitler. How she continues to get hired is one of the top 10 unexplained mysteries that scientists haven’t figured out yet. There are random dance scenes that go on for too long, half of the cameos felt forced and unnatural and we get plenty of product placement from Pepsi, Spotify, Crown Royal, etc. The only positive aspects I can think of are seeing Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall playing multiple characters again was fun and Murphy’s daughters are well casted (despite only one of the three getting any development whatsoever). The pacing moves quickly enough so despite its run time, it doesn’t feel too long. That being said, the absolute trash script, repeated plot points, replacement of humor with woke politics, watered down rating and one of the worst soundtracks in recent memory makes this an absolute embarrassment for everyone involved. If this is Murphy returning after a long acting break, maybe he should have just stayed retired or should move to Zamunda for good.

#NotTheAkeemOfTheCrop / #Coming2ADumpsterFire / #AkeemGirls / #TheLionPrince / #TopFiveWorstMovies / #NewJackShitty

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