8/10 From “Promising Young Woman” to “The Dig”, I am so thankful to have Carey Mulligan acting more often after slowing down over the past three years. Mulligan, alongside the legendary Ralph Fiennes and my future wife, Lily James, are part of an incredible ensemble of British actors who put in phenomenal work here. I love films that are based upon true stories that I know nothing about and “The Dig” is the perfect example of this. Based upon the historical excavation of Sutton Hoo in 1938 and adapted from John Preston’s novel, Moira Buffini’s script does a terrific job of educating the audience in an entertaining way and developing relatable, likeable characters for whom nothing comes easy. It is just a fascinating story and this is coming from someone who isn’t at all interesting in archeology or digging up artifacts from the past. Loving “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns” are about as close as I come to a love of this stuff and yet even I was enthralled by the subject matter and the heart at the center of this true story. The production design and costume design, along with all of the hair & make-up, props, sets, cars, etc. transport us back in time to a Britain on the brink of war, an unnerving unease sweeping over an entire country and sparring no one. Director Simon Stone shows a maturity in his direction here as he avoids having a sophomore slump and I look forward to following him more closely in the years to come. The only real complaint I had while watching was a subplot involving Lily James’ character and her husband. It was an interesting subplot but didn’t serve the overarching story in any way. It more so felt like it was tacked on to pad the running time. I could be wrong and maybe this was part of the true story but it felt a little out of place and added on, even if it was compelling. It just didn’t jive with Pretty and Brown’s stories. That being said, even that aspect was well done and compelling. I was happy the film inserted a few lines of information at the beginning of the ending credits, as films based upon true stories should do. A film I was glad I got to see on the big screen in theaters, “The Dig” is now available to watch on Netflix and I strongly recommend this fascinating history lesson.

#BrownVsBoardOfExcavation / #RalphFinds / #DiggerPlease / #PrettyWoman2 / #YoullReallyDigThisFilm / #GreatExcavations

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