2.5/10 A Liam Neeson action flick about an alcoholic former Marine living in Arizona…I almost sued Open Road Films for taking my life’s story without my consent when I watched the trailer for this. Unfortunately, even my poor excuse for a life is miles ahead of this disaster. Liam Neeson is so hit or miss with his action movies but after coming off of “Honest Thief”, which I thoroughly enjoyed, added to a relatable premise, I was genuinely excited for this movie. Unfortunately, after a decent start, the movie devolves and becomes worse and worse the longer it goes on, leading up to its unrealistic, lame ending that just made me happy the movie was over. Before I get into the laundry list of why this movie sucks, I will start off with the few positive aspects. Neeson does have great screen presence and his performance was fine. It was nothing spectacular, but it gets the job done and he is a likeable leading man. The action in the movie entertained me and since the running time didn’t stretch out too long, the pacing worked well. That’s about where the positives end. The awful script was completely predictable, devoid of real character development, clichéd and full of characters making the dumbest decisions possible. There were serious moments I laughed out loud because I either predicted what was about to happen or what did just happen was completely unbelievable. For example, some bad guys in the movie spend roughly 48 hours on a freeway overpass just looking for the truck that Neeson’s character owns to drive by so they can spot him, which of course works. When they ate, slept, took bathroom breaks, etc. was not established but the fact that this was their method of tracking him down, which worked was ludacris. A character gets shot but the bullet hole seems to disappear during the next scene and that character is fine. A character who is shot and stabbed multiple times and would have surely died is able to fight and go at least one full day with no medical attention and be fine as well. So many convenient moments happen like a dog saving the day at the last second or an abandoned farmhouse just so happened to be available when it is needed. Near the beginning of the movie, Neeson is at the border patrol location with cartel gang members who shot at him the day prior and he doesn’t go in and report that they are right there and have the authorities arrest or question them, despite him having relatives and friends who work there. Neeson needs money badly or he will lose his house yet spends what little money he has on booze and when he does get some money, quickly parts from it like a moron. He is watching over a Mexican kid and after the Mexican kid loses his mom, he tells the kid that there is no Heaven and God is just something people teach to make us feel better. Yet a couple scenes later he tells that same kid that his mom is watching over him, protecting him, completely contradicting what he just told him a scene or two prior. For a movie that wasn’t overtly political, one scene stands out like a sore thumb when he throws some political lines in, almost as if the screenwriters couldn’t resist shoving their own agenda into at least one scene. There are many dumber moments and mistakes in this poorly written fiasco, but you get the idea. With plenty of decent Neeson action flicks or just action films in general out there, there is absolutely no reason to waste your time on this. Smuggling illegal immigrants over the border would be a more enjoyable time than sitting through this disposable piece of trash.

#LowMarksMan / #CarTellPeopleNotToSeeThis / #MarineCorpse / #HonestGrief / #AWalkAmongTombstoneArizona / #AMillionWaysToDieInTheSouthWest

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