9/10 As someone who watches the most graphic horror films and is desensitized to all kinds of adult subject matter, this limited series hits different because this isn’t some fictional horror series. This is a true, real life docu-series about actual heinous crimes that took place in California in the 1980s, the decade I was born. A young detective and a highly seasoned homicide investigator team up to track down the man responsible for what at first seemed to be random attacks until detective Gil Carrillo realized that they all might be connected. From a film making standpoint, “Night Stalker” is phenomenal. The subject matter is fascinating, the score is as haunting and disturbing as the facts we are being given, the B roll footage educates and scares us, the interviewed people are relevant and add a lot of perspective and the pacing is perfect. In only four episodes, director Tiller Russell sets up Los Angeles in the mid to late 1980s time period and introduces the main players which consist of law enforcement, the media/journalists and the victims/their families. We are walked through all the known crimes as we are given bread crumbs of clues just as the detectives were given in real life. We feel the thrill of a break in the case and the absolute heartbreak when human error destroys a potential lead. Russell respectfully lets the victims and their families share their heartbreak without painting this serial killer as a poor, misunderstood victim of the times. This serial killer is an absolute monster who raped, tortured, kidnapped and murdered children, adults and the elderly. With no pattern of any specific group of people, LA residents were all on edge knowing that they could be next. This series, besides telling a horrific true story in an entertaining and educational way, is able to showcase how disgusting the media can be when it comes to their desire to break a story, even if it means interfering with the case. After crucial information was leaked to the press, detectives and police have to give the media certain exclusives to keep them from spilling the beans on said information to the public that would benefit the serial killer. The fact that media figures would willingly share information that would assist the killer and hurt law enforcement’s chances of catching him and therefore put the public in danger, all for some high ratings, is really gross. Add to that the execrable Diane Feinstein, who I’ve always known to be a terrible Senator from California is now revealed to have also been an absolutely terrible Mayor of San Francisco for 10 years as she too endangered the entire operation of catching the serial killer, which endangered the public further. Law enforcement agencies had to work against moronic politicians like Feinstein, a selfish media, other law enforcement agencies who didn’t want to share information, the clock as the bodies kept piling up and of course, the killer himself. You’ll notice I am not sharing his name because the viewer should go into this docu-series blind, unless you already know the details of this story. I believe you will benefit to just begin watching this without looking up online to see who the Night Stalker was. Be warned: this is a disturbing series that touches upon Satanism, children being raped, elderly people being tortured, etc. If the subject matter is too much for you, you probably should just avoid watching. I had very minor nitpicks with the series such as getting to know Gil Carrillo and his wife well but not nearly as much personal information on his partner, Frank Salerno. Digging into more of the interviews with the killer might have been worthwhile too. That being said, if you have a strong stomach, this is one of the best true crime docu-series I have ever seen as it is extremely well made and enthralling from start to finish. I watched three of the four episodes one night and even I had to stop because I was getting scared and finished it the following day while the sun was out. Series like these are always a reminder to lock your doors, own a firearm for protection and take care of your community. This is a must see for true crime fans.
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