0.5/10 If reviewing “Monster Hunter” at the end of 2020 wasn’t punishment enough for me, only weeks later I am hit with the worst movie of 2021 so far in “Redemption Day”, an absolute travesty that should count as a war crime to have been made. The plot is nothing new (we even had “Infidel” hit months earlier that tackled very similar territory), the acting is mixed at best and the sound editing/mixing is so bad that Christopher Nolan would even condemn this disgrace. I have plenty of examples of how atrocious the script and sound problems are so let’s start with the script. There are some truly cringe worthy one liners, dialogue that makes you say, “People don’t talk like that”, characters with no development that we don’t care about and finally, actual grammatical errors. A woman asks a man at one point, “What’s your favorite movie star?” as opposed to what someone with half a brain would say, “Who’s your favorite movie star?” If the woman saying the line was a moron you could argue her character speaks in an uneducated manner but she was a highly intelligent character so this is literally the screenwriter writing a horrendous line and absolutely no one correcting them. Imagine reading a published novel with spelling errors and typos because no editor read the novel before it was published. This is how this movie is but in celluloid form. The subtitles were also horrendous with them moving way too fast at the beginning of the movie and at one point the subtitles read and I am paraphrasing the beginning word but, “(prays in a bad Arabic language)”. I was astounded at some of these lines presented as “screenwriting”. In terms of the sound, I was also baffled. If you film a scene in the desert with characters speaking and it is extremely windy, it messes up the sound of what is being said. To fix this problem, actors go into the studio and re-record their dialogue so you can hear them without the other distracting background noises. But for several scenes in this movie, everything was essentially muted except for the re-recorded audio so during one scene, characters are in the desert speaking and you can see how windy it is as their hair blows all over the place. You hear their dialogue perfectly but absolutely no background noise like mild wind is provided, making it extremely awkward. Same thing happens when characters talk by a fire. Everything is muted except their re-recorded dialogue so you don’t hear the fire crackling or any background noise. This happens at multiple times in the movie and it was glaringly painful and obvious. Even putting a score in to provide music would have sufficed but that wasn’t done. At moments where there is a score, the music is repetitive and forgettable. During a repetitive flashback scene (they cut to it six or seven times), the last time it is shown, there is a problem with the lighting and as the camera pans right to left and then left to right the color completely changes, which could have easily been fixed in post-production if anyone gave a damn. One moment has a character sniping four men that looked like it was straight out of a video game cut scene and had me audibly laughing at how bad it looked. One bad guy on the roof gets shot in the chest and instead of falling normally or grabbing where he was shot, he throws both of his arms high into the air before falling to be extra dramatic. I personally directed better films in high school than this. The man who plays the President of the United States was a terrible actor and one scene has him and four others on a zoom call with Andy “I’ll Act In Any Piece Of Crap” Garcia and Martin Donovan that looked so fake and half-assed. The ending tried to set up for something to follow in a sequel that will never happen, thank God. I genuinely felt sorry for some of the people who participated in this. If you want to laugh at how bad of a movie this is, then move over “Sharknado” because “Redemption Day” is here to steal the spotlight. If you want a crash course in how not to write, direct, shoot, edit and/or mix a movie, let this calamity be your guide. Otherwise, steer as far clear of this cinematic abortion as possible.

#CSICompleteShitIdiocy / #GeopoliticalStorm / #IncoherentVice / #GhostReconBusters / #DisgraceLand / #KIA-PAXton

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