7.5/10 After the first season received a 6/10 and the second season a 5/10, I wasn’t super excited to continue on with this show but was very pleasantly surprised that the final season was by far the best and ended things on a high note. Our two lead characters, Gus and Mickey were extremely grating and often annoying people to revolve an entire show around but after two seasons of them getting on my nerves and me rooting that they would just break up already, season three rewards our patience by finally letting them have more fun as a couple. Of course there are still fights as well as the ups and downs of their relationship but compared to the other seasons, they spend more time getting along this time around. The series finale felt realistic in the sense that millennials often make rash decisions but it was a satisfying way to end the series. I also enjoyed what they did with a subplot involving Bertie and Chris. I feel like these characters changed and grew more this season than in the previous two seasons combined. Something I did praise about previous seasons was the band Gus is in that writes movie theme songs for films that don’t have them. We get to see their band perform a live show and hear more of their songs and it was one of the best moments of the entire series. Speaking of music, another returning positive aspect was the soundtrack which captures the mood in a modern way and each song is well selected and fitting. The acting continues to impress across the board and I was happy to have virtually every main character show up for the finale. One minor complaint I had was that one subplot involves Gus making a film and the subplot ends a bit abruptly. Does he get more money to finish his film? Does the sizzle reel attract some talent? Not a big deal but I would have liked some more closure with that as well as what happens to Dr. Greg. After so many exhausting fights and dumb mistakes, seeing our lead couple happy felt all the more satisfying since they fought so hard to stay together and work through their problems. I wish more couples in real life would stick it out through the hard times and work on their relationships. In the end, you get this really good season to conclude the show after a meh first season and mediocre second season. I don’t know if the ups and downs in quality season to season make this show worth watching but if you do decide to check it out, at least the episodes are brief enough so you can binge watch this quickly and at least the final season will finally raise your spirits and bring you some hope. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, divorced or just looking for love, “Love” ends on a note that will make you feel like brighter days are ahead for us all.

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One thought on “Love Season 3

  1. Glad you ended up somewhat liking this in the end. I watched it when they first dropped it and found it to be a decent enough show that I would agree and on a high note and a realistic one at that. The characters are annoying, but I just always took it as a “well, that’s just part of what this show is”. Have you seen “You’re The Worst”? It’s kind of a similar feel, but I enjoyed that one more because it surprisingly shifted from just a comedy about awful people in a relationship to tackle some more serious issues in the second season. Anyway, Love was a good distraction that I don’t feel I need to revisit, but enjoyed when I watched it during its run.


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