7/10 After a fantastic start followed by an ok second movie, the Subway trilogy ends on a higher note than the last movie, despite not quite reaching the level of the first film. This film stands apart the other two as being the longest of the three films with almost an extra half an hour of time added compared to the previous two films. Seeing as how this film covers a lot of ground, this was a wise decision to expand the running time instead of trying to pack everything into an hour and a half. Although the ending we get is satisfying, a part of me wishes we could get a new trilogy with these characters as Lara Jean and Peter navigate college together. The fact that I want more time with these characters (and a Kitty spin-off) tells me that these films did their job in connecting with me. A couple of problems I had with the second movie were addressed here which tied things back to the first film. For example, the second movie lacked more of Lara Jean’s sisters and the bonds that they shared but this film gives them each more screen time which strengthens the overall film. The subplot with Mr. Covey worked well and was the reason the film was able to bring Margot back for a visit and tie in more family dynamics. Perhaps my favorite aspect was that the plot takes directions which I didn’t foresee it taking and the ending took a more realistic approach than your standard “everything works out perfectly” and is wrapped up 100% approach that run of the mill romantic movies often take. The film tackles senior year, prom, a wedding, relationships and everything in between but everything is balanced well and doesn’t feel overstuffed. There were a few negative aspects but nothing egregious enough to ruin your film viewing experience. First off all, the shilling for Subway continues but whereas the first film had characters naturally eating Subway for lunch, which is a realistic thing that happens every day, the Subway product placement here is unforgivably stupid. A character asks a girl to prom on a class trip with a bouquet of Subway sandwiches, which is something that has never happened in the history of mankind. The answer should be a hard NO if a girl ever gets asked in that way. The fact that this was first thing in the morning also means that the student went off on his own, away from the chaperones even earlier in the morning to get all the subs and come back, which I highly doubt as being feasible. Speaking of chaperones, as someone who has gone on out of state high school trips with large groups, I know first-hand how it isn’t easy to sneak away from them and there are big consequences if you do. Yet here, underage students are free to come and go as they please, attend parties with alcohol and do whatever they want with the world’s least attentive chaperones and face no consequences for their actions. Finally, the soundtrack was a mixed bag with some songs working well but while also containing one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard in the form of “Eat Them Apples” by Suzi Wu. “I’m gonna eat that apple” gets repeated countless times and it was the only musical moment in the film that really took me out of the film with how poorly written, repetitive and atrocious that song was. I hope I never have to hear it again. The film also has one meta moment involving “X-Men: Apocalypse” that I can’t tell if I love for the film makers sneaking it in or hate it for being meta in a non-meta film trilogy. Minor flaws aside, there are some cool directorial decisions made in the film, the cast is as charming and fun as ever and the film has a lot of heart to it and some strong messages. Despite a little slump with the second movie, this enjoyable film caps a surprisingly strong trilogy that I didn’t know I needed until I watched them all. If you’re looking for something romantic to lift your spirits with some talented performers playing likable characters (I loved the direction they took with Gen in this film) throughout authentic situations, look no further. Now that I’ve seen them all I can say that these are the films I’ve loved before.

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