8/10 Two and a half years ago, the best comedy of 2018 and underrated gem, “Tag” was released. “Buddy Games” has shades of “Tag” where you have a predominantly male cast of grown-ups still playing childish games to keep their friendships alive. Comedy is obviously subjective but if you saw and enjoyed “Tag” like I did, you will love “Buddy Games”. Don’t get me wrong, this film is extremely crude, vile, vulgar, silly, cheesy and childish. The humor is raunchy so if you get offended easily and don’t like R rated comedies, you will definitely want to skip this. But if you have a wide variety when it comes to your sense of humor and don’t mind jokes that are politically incorrect and/or some male nudity, then this is a must see. This is probably the funniest film of 2020 in a year where laughter was what we all needed more than anything. I found myself laughing out loud fairly hard and pretty consistently throughout the entire duration of the film. Coming in at roughly an hour and a half, this comedy flies by with great pacing, has a fun cast who is having a blast acting in this, contains memorable characters, games that made me want to start my own buddy games conversation and an enjoyable soundtrack. The only negative aspects are that it does borrow a little bit from various comedies, some of the visual effects are pretty fake (an animal attack is so ridiculous looking but it helps that this is a comedy to forgive that aspect) and many of the film’s situations are over the top and would never happen. Not that this film is trying for realism or anything but the best comedies are often the most grounded ones where situations are relatable because they can actually happen. That being said, some of the ridiculousness and cheesiness is easy to forgive since this is a wild comedy and a fun one at that. This is definitely more of a “guy/bro movie” but because it is hilarious, I didn’t mind at all. If you like male driven comedies like “The Hangover” films or the aforementioned “Tag” then you will find this to be hilarious as well. Definitely a hard R rated film but probably the funniest film of 2020 and one I would definitely rewatch when I am in need of a pick me up.

#WeekendBender / #ADocToRemember / #TheBoozeRoom / #OnlyBobForgives / #JustBroWithIt / #CrewHistoryOfTheShellyGang

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