4.5/10 Not to be confused with the 2002 movie, “Femme Fatale”, “Fatale” is a pretty standard thriller that doesn’t accomplish anything new, yet is still a rather fun time, making the movie fall into the “guilty pleasure” category. On one hand, we’ve seen plenty of movies like this before but better (“Fatal Attraction” comes to mind). The plot is pretty far-fetched and makes murdering multiple people look super easy to get away with. Plot twists are exciting to watch but also completely unrealistic, which takes away from them. There are definitely clichés in the script and I found it hilarious how every super rich character in the movie who lives in these multi-million dollar homes don’t have or use alarms/security systems and don’t have any real weapons for home defense. You’d think if you were super wealthy and had tons of valuable possessions in your home and had the money for some kind of security, that you would want to protect your belongings and the people living inside your home. Yet every character in this movie either conveniently forgets to turn on their alarm, has security cameras that are as reliable as the ones inside Jeffrey Epstein’s prison cell or just have no security system whatsoever. Supporting characters are thinly written and not developed and the soundtrack was pretty horrible. That being said, there are some fun elements here. Hilary Swank is having a blast playing against the type of heroic roles she usually plays and I enjoyed her in this movie. Despite the script not giving her or Michael Ealy much in the way of great material, they both make the best out of their respective roles. Ealy is both commanding as well as sympathetic, despite the big mistake he makes in the movie, which goes to his strength as an actor. The pacing is great as the movie keeps you entertained for its entire duration. The production design lavishly shows off the wealthy lifestyles of all the movie’s inhabitants. Even though the plot twists and turns can be predictable and are definitely unrealistic, they are still fun to watch. This is a movie that if you set your expectations low, turn off your brain and know what to expect going in, you could actually have some fun watching this. It isn’t something that needs to be seen in theaters on the big screen but if you have nothing to watch, you could do worse. While not a good movie, “Fatale” puts the “guilty” into guilty pleasure.

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