3.5/10 All my life I’ve been waiting for true love…and a romantic film that isn’t full of clichés. Unfortunately for me, I am still waiting for both. “All My Life” has its heart in the right place and has some great chemistry between our two leading actors, Jessica Rothe (Jennifer) and Harry Shum Jr. (Sol), who are convincing in their respective roles. The problem is we have already seen this movie before. “The Fault in our Stars”, “A Walk to Remember”, “Five Feet Apart”, even shades of “The Notebook”. The “one of us is sick and/or dying” subgenre of romantic films are becoming seemingly more common these days, not less. In defense of “All My Life”, this is at least based on a true story, unlike most of the fictional book adaptations I listed earlier. Which is something I liked about it; it may be a familiar story but at least this one is true and therefore, more grounded in reality. Another big problem this movie has is the pacing/running time. The movie is only an hour and a half and is extremely rushed. Our leading couple has their first date and after a roughly five-minute montage, are moving in together. We basically skip over them actually getting to know each other and falling in love. It is hard to root for and be emotionally attached to these characters since we don’t know them that well due to them being underdeveloped. Their romance would have been a lot more impactful and meaningful if we could have seen it grow properly. The supporting characters (our leads’ friends) are only there to advance the wedding aspect of the plot but lack personalities and development. Worst of all, Sol’s brother is hinted at as a character who could be super fascinating with his subplot, but then gets completely abandoned. Sol and his brother both lost their father and Sol’s brother can’t bring himself to be close to his dying brother because it brings up PTSD with his father’s death. Yet instead of having a really emotional, touching scene of bonding between these two brothers over their mutual love and loss of their father, the movie instead opts to have the brother disappear, briefly reappear for a quick handshake and then never returns to the movie. This subplot could have been a great way to develop multiple characters but is discarded for the main romantic plot. The script is so rushed and underdeveloped that this movie ends up being way less memorable than other films in this subgenre of romance. The music is fine, the acting is great, you’ll be entertained from start to finish and there are some strong emotional moments that had me tearing up but “All My Life” is a disposable romance whose memory will die quicker than someone with stage four liver cancer.

#SappyDeathDay / #BetterFallSol / #CantPutTheLiveInLiver / #ReLaLaLapse / #CancerCulture / #TheCorpseGroom

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