3.5/10 A meta, multi layered movie, “Black Bear” feels like an experiment that is ambitious but falls short as it becomes a chore to watch and incoherent. Just because a movie doesn’t make much sense and leaves itself open for interpretation doesn’t make it a deep or thought provoking movie. Sometimes it just comes off as pretentious and doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately for this movie, it falls into that latter category. Which is a shame because there are a few elements to really admire. For starters, the acting is phenomenal. Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Abbott and Sarah Gadon are brilliant in their respective roles, all the more impressive since those roles change within the movie at several different spots. They really sell their characters and Plaza in particular steals the show. I also enjoyed how the movie takes place all in one location and it didn’t hurt that the location was absolutely gorgeous. I applaud ambition and taking risks in film making while providing something original, which this movie attempts. The intentions here are commendable, even though the execution falls short. Besides nothing ever being explained, the significance of the black bear being anyone’s guess and going too meta, the time we spend with these characters just isn’t enjoyable. We get super awkward arguments, three over the top coffee spills, explosive diarrhea and lots of drunkenness. If you have ever had to take care of a wasted person in real life, you will know how big of a pain in the ass that is. Well watching characters have to do the same thing here is equally as tormenting to suffer through. The score was completely unnoticeable and none of the supporting characters outside of our three leads mattered. They were just an underdeveloped film crew who got high and were mostly terrible at their jobs. The movie definitely provides commentary on film making, directing and the writing process so maybe the 1% of people who work in Hollywood will appreciate more of this failed experiment but for the other 99% of the population, it largely serves as a waste of time. I graduated from film school and I can’t say I enjoyed this. Part I was the best part, telling a cohesive story, but once everything shifts, the movie lost me and never made me care about anyone. Lots of annoying characters combined with the incoherent plot makes me overall wish this black bear would have just stayed alone in the woods.

#BearlyCohesive / #ParksAndWrecked / #TheBlairSwitchProject / #EnjoymentNotGuaranteed / #GapsToTheStars / #ShesBeenAroundTheWritersBlock

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