8.5/10 Despite some major differences, “Synchronic” reminded me of “Tenet”. Both films deal with traveling through time, have impressive visuals, someone who needs rescued and fantastic scores. But where “Tenet” failed to develop its characters, “Synchronic” dives in deep, revealing our protagonists’ motivations and taking them on a journey of self-discovery. Plus, this film had proper sound mixing, so there’s always that. I enjoyed “Tenet” but “Synchronic” is easily the superior film. As a mash-up of several science fiction films, “Synchronic” is original, as I haven’t seen any film quite like it before. The opening will slightly confuse you but it will suck you in and intrigue you so that you will have to keep watching. Once more events unfold, the beginning makes perfect sense but while you don’t initially know what’s going on, there is a dreadful sense of mystery hanging over the film, its heavy mood weighing on you. The tones and mood that directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (sounds like a 60s James Bond mistress) establish are so well done and all the more impressive for two different men to have such a solid, singular vision. As I stated earlier, characters are well developed and the dialogue is natural and convincing. The film (perhaps unintentionally) shows that despite racism in America’s past, that the present is the absolute best time to be a black person in America, which is true. The score and soundtrack both elevate the material without becoming distracting. The cinematography stands out well above most films in 2020 and the visuals are enough to make me want to watch this again. As for the few minor flaws, “Synchronic” is influenced from other sci-fi films that have come before it. An element of a girl needing rescued near the end of the film came off as pretty unrealistic to me and I wish Jamie Dornan’s wife’s character would have been more developed. Those minor flaws won’t detract you from enjoying this well thought out, mind blowing film. Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie give some of the best performances of their careers and I’m excited to see what they do next as well as pay attention to the careers of Benson and Moorhead. I plan on checking out the rest of their filmography now that I know how talented they are. If you are suffering from a (syn)chronic lack of great movies in theaters right now, “Synchronic” is the remedy to that problem.     

#BlackToTheFuture / #SynCity / #LandOfTheFrost / #OnceUponATime2 / #FalconAndTheWinterSmolder / #PairOfMedics

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