6/10 Continuing through my Judd Apatow related works (I reviewed “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared” earlier this year) has brought me to the Netflix original series “Love” starring Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust about the ups and downs of a relationship and navigating dating, sex, love and everything in between in today’s modern world. There are several aspects about the show that really work and the acting is one of them. Jacobs and Rust are really great as their respective characters and so many of the supporting characters worked well too (I loved Claudia O’Doherty as Bertie, the roommate to Mickey, played by Jacobs). I was unfamiliar with Rust and O’Doherty prior to this show and am glad I found out about them and how talented they are. One thing that works more than anything in the show is how genuine all of the relationships feel. Rust plays Gus and his friend group feels like a real group of people who would be friends in real life, instead of some Disney Channel shows where everyone in the friend group is a model and perfect at whatever they do. The writing on this debut season was strong when it came to its portrayals of friendship, dating, addiction, destructive behaviors, etc. I’d also like to draw attention to the show’s soundtrack which was extremely fitting with well selected songs that set the tone and mood appropriately. As far as where the show falls flat, one problem was that for being a comedy this season just wasn’t very funny. There are a few laughs to be had for sure but they came too few and far between. I also had trouble believing that two gorgeous women would be pursuing super nerdy/geeky/wimpy Gus (three if you count his ex-girlfriend). Not that gorgeous women can’t be into men like him, but I just wasn’t convinced enough that these women would be when they have plenty of other options. Mickey’s character I understood more of since she is a love/sex addict but the seemingly nice but ultimately shallow TV actress Heidi (Briga Heelan), I didn’t buy at all. The sex/love making scenes also felt very Hollywood and less realistic, which I understand but still felt more distracting than natural. Lastly, as much as I appreciated the flaws in these characters, the character of Mickey was just all around an awful person and I didn’t want to root for her at all. I was hoping Gus would just drop her and move on, which obviously wouldn’t happen since we still have two more seasons surrounding their relationship, but it would have been wiser to make her character at least somewhat likeable or more relatable. Her constant RBF definitely matched up with her personality and even though Gus was flawed himself, he seemed out of her league in terms of personality/having his life together. Overall, the show is alright. Nothing bad but nothing to write home about. But this first season does show potential and I’m hoping now that everything has been established that we can see some further character growth and hopefully an injection of comedy that this first season lacked. I will have to see how the next two seasons stack up before I’d recommending giving “Love” a chance.

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