3/10 Reuniting star Steve Carell and “The Office” creator Greg Daniels sounds like a match made in Heaven…or at least space, right? “The Office” is a hilarious show and although it ran out of steam near the end from going on too long and losing Carell, when the show was in its prime, it was firing on all cylinders and one of the funniest things you’d be able to watch on TV back when it aired. Seven years since “The Office” ended, we get this follow up about the newest branch of the military that President Trump created, Space Force. As someone who served in the military, I can tell you that the military is rife for comedy so this idea was a great one. Unfortunately, the execution of this great idea falls flatter than the Earth (just kidding about the Earth being flat, obviously). In the 10 episodes of the season we get unanswered questions (why is Lisa Kudrow’s character Maggie in prison?), no closure (cliff hanger endings can be fine and this series was recently renewed for a second season but if it would have been canceled, that would have been a disastrous way to end a show/season), abandoned plot lines (the Russian who may or may not be a spy) and few laughs. For a comedy, there just isn’t much to laugh at, which is the biggest problem. Carell also changes his voice to make it more deep and military like, but it is far more distracting and in a couple scenes he forgets to do it and just talks normally so it didn’t work at all for me. Early on in the season, a character laments that he doesn’t want to get political. I wish the show would have taken that same approach because the earlier episodes in the season are way too on the nose, have no subtlety and fall completely flat. They are clearly making fun of President Trump, his wife, his administration as well as having an AOC and a Scaramucci character but all of it tries way too hard, is far too obvious, predictable and not funny. Carell’s leading character lacks the charm of Michael Scott and his daughter is pretty awful/annoying. There are a few solid aspects to the show though. Despite some cheesy looking visual effects, the production design and some of the visual effects look fairly expensive and big budget. I did appreciate how each episode title is written in all capital letters, paying homage to President Trump often Tweeting in the same manner. Lastly, the greatest strength of the show was the cast. Where Carell fell short for me, John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Tawny Newsome, Diana Silvers and Jimmy O. Yang are the real standouts, completely committing to their roles and are a blast (off) to watch perform. Some good news is that season 2 will see some changes (a new co-showrunner and Yang entering the writer’s room) so fingers crossed that we don’t have to watch anything like season 1 again. The lack of laughs, unrealistic, eye rolling moments, disappointing plot lines, pop culture references that won’t age well and ridiculous political nonsense makes this so disappointing that you’ll have to go rewatch “The Office” to wash the taste out of your mouth and wonder how Greg Daniels could have fallen so far. Perhaps recruiting some writers who worked on “The Office” for next season would be a better idea.

#SpaceFarce / #WorstMan / #SpaceForcedComedy / #FailureToLaunchAShow / #Season2ComingMoonToNetflix / #DidntMoonsuitMyFancy     

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