5/10 I had never seen the original two Bill & Ted movies before this third installment was announced so before viewing this I went back and watched the originals. Definitely a product of their time and probably more enjoyable for people who grew up watching them, I found them to be pretty moronic, one note and devoid of humor. My expectations were low for this new movie due to my feelings on the first couple of movies and although this is nothing great, I enjoyed it more than the previous two movies and if you are a fan of the series, you will most likely dig the latest entry. The plot is just as ridiculous as the previous movies although I am actually glad they still embraced the oddities of the series and didn’t try to change up the tone of this movie. One of the best parts of the story was introducing Bill and Ted’s daughters and the casting was fantastic. Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine are pitch perfect as Thea and Billie and nail the mannerisms that make them believable as Bill and Ted’s offspring. Bill and Ted as characters are pretty thin as they are essentially California bro/stoner dudes with nothing else in their personalities. So by adding bigger roles for their families (wives and daughters), the movie is smart to expand its focus outward and not only focus on Bill and Ted. The visuals are obviously a big improvement, coming so many years after the last entry and although the cheesy visuals of the original are gone, I will admit that I enjoyed that the originals had practical effects which are all replaced with an overabundance of CGI here. Like the original two movies, I didn’t find the movie to be funny at all but it was entertaining and Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter easily slip back into their iconic roles with ease. The movie does owe a lot to “Back to the Future” and even “The Terminator” this time around but you can only do so much with time travel these days. It was nice to see original cast members and characters brought back and you can tell everyone had a blast making the movie. One new robot character had potential but ended up being a one note joke who just kept repeating his name, which was neither funny nor creative. His character was the most annoying and a waste of potential. There were some fun elements to be had (the epic band assembled was a good time) but this is still very much a Bill and Ted movie, for better and for worse. If you enjoyed the first two movies, you will enjoy seeing these characters updated to today but if you thought the originals were pretty stupid as I did, there isn’t much for you here.

#KillBill&Ted / #WeNeedToHaveATedTalk / #WinterIsHumming / #TimeToBandTogether / #ToHellAndBackToTheFuture / # ChyldStallyns

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