3.5/10 After watching the recently released “Mulan”, I figured I would go back one year to the 2019 live action Disney remake that similarly went straight to Disney+ with “Lady and the Tramp”. Unfortunately, this ends up being of about the same poor quality that “Mulan” was but with additional PC wokeness, which actually made no logical sense. The cash grab…uh…I mean movie starts and since a white couple (as shown in the original 1955 film and in the book on which that is based) isn’t diverse enough Disney went full woke and gives us a white husband and a black wife. The only problem is that this takes place in New Orleans in 1909, when interracial marriage was illegal. There is a later scene that is essentially a baby shower and all of their friends come over to celebrate, which realistically would have led to their arrest for violating the interracial marriage laws, which weren’t fully repealed in Louisiana until the early to mid 1970s. If this was a modern Disney movie taking place today you could have an interracial couple, no problem. But to be historically inaccurate just to push political correctness (male voiced dogs were also changed to female voiced dogs for this remake) was transparent and laughable. Wokeness aside, the biggest problem with the movie is that it is a copy and paste job of the original film. Hardly anything new is added here to separate itself from the original feature. If you remake a film you need to change up enough content to give the viewer a reason to watch this when they could just go and watch the original instead and this movie fails to do that. The evil dog catcher in the movie was also so over the top and literally worked 24/7, which was eye rollingly cheesy. He was like a Hans Landa but hunting down dogs instead of Jews and not having a fraction of the intelligence that Landa had. As for what does work, the combination of real life mixed with CGI is done extremely well. They would use a real dog and then CGI its mouth moving when they talk and it could have turned out awkward but thankfully it looked fantastic. The voice and human casts are both well casted and do a solid job (minus the way too over the top dog catcher). The pacing was strong and the production and costume design did a great job in recreating the time period/settings. Despite the movie looking lovely and having a strong cast, this is really a waste of time since the only thing it really changed from the original is shoving in historically inaccurate, politically correct elements that feel very out of place. Stick to the original, which holds up well despite having dated animation.  

#DoggieStyleOverSubstance / #RabiesAndTheTramp / #TakeHerToPoundTown / #ItsGonnaBeANoFromMeDawg / #Pestworld / #MusicByJoeCockerSpaniel

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