3.5/10 Normally not the type of movie I’d run out to go see, “Cut Throat City” pulled me in due to finally being able to return to theaters and watch everything I possibly could, combined with a very talented cast. Upon viewing the movie, I can definitely attest to the fact that this is a movie that most likely would have benefitted from skipping theaters and going straight to streaming/VOD. There really is no reason to see this on the big screen, especially considering the overall quality of the movie. The biggest problem is with the movie’s script, written by P.G. Cuschieri. There is a meta moment near the beginning referencing Tarantino and “Reservoir Dogs” (director RZA has worked with Tarantino before) that felt very shoe horned in and didn’t work for me. There are too many characters and we know too little about them to care. The movie is also over two hours long and definitely has pacing issues. There will be some well done action scenes followed up by scenes that drag on and slow the movie to a crawl. The dialogue was also very inconsistent, sometimes even among the same characters speaking one way in one scene and then a different way in a separate scene. The movie’s dialogue goes from gangster street talk to pretentious mumbo jumbo that tries to sound intellectual but fails. RZA can direct but his influences are so apparent and common that it doesn’t feel like something he made with his own unique style. It feels like he took from other film makers, copy and pasted from them and tried to pass this off as his own. I realize that all directors borrow and steal from other films and directors (Tarantino especially) but you still have to put your own stamp onto your movie to make it distinctly your own and RZA fails to do that here. The characters aren’t unique at all and make terrible decisions, making it harder to root for them and there are a few ridiculous moments. For example, near the end there is a shootout and the police and media show up. The news cast that you see on TV is so unrealistic and has the supposed news camera man standing in front of firing police officers (which would never happen) and you even see someone getting shot and killed on the news, which the news also would not air a live killing. It was an extremely stupid moment to watch and to come at a climactic moment really dragged the scene down. There is an end credits scene which was totally unnecessary to have in the closing credits. It should have just been in the movie, instead of thrown in later for no reason. Last I checked, despite having Terrence Howard here, this isn’t a Marvel film. On an odd note, there are a peculiarly high amount of “The Wizard of Oz” references in this movie and I still have no idea why one wasn’t enough and why they had to go for three or so. As for what works, some of the acting is really well done, the score/soundtrack was overwhelmingly positive (which makes sense given RZA’s background) and surprisingly, some of the social commentary provided was pretty spot on while used sparingly and not becoming preachy or distracting. The opening credits (done in anime) was probably the best scene in the entire movie. Overall, this is a forgettable movie that brings nothing new to the table. If you are bored and want to watch it, wait for it to come to a streaming service but don’t spend your hard earned money to go see this in theaters or you will feel worse than a Hurricane Katrina survivor felt after getting screwed over by FEMA.

#StarringTI:TonallyInconsistent / #LordOfWard / #NewBlackCity / #Muscle&Dough / #DogTrainingDayAfternoon / #SymmsCity

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