7.5/10 It is rare for me to begin watching a film where I have no idea what it is about beforehand. I follow upcoming film news so closely that when it comes to theatrical film releases, I know what I’m getting into. However, with some of these streaming services, particularly the early days of Netflix’s original films, since they weren’t advertised nearly as much as they are today, many films, like “Tramps”, I know nothing about until viewing them. Many times the movies are terrible but every once in a while, a film like “Tramps” comes along that is pleasantly surprising. Even better, this film started off very rocky so I thought I was in for another bad Netflix original movie experience but things turned around and I really ended up enjoying the film overall. To go into more details as to what didn’t work, the first act had me worried that I would hate the movie because it does start off shaky. Unrealistic coincidences flourish but worse, our two main protagonists really annoyed me. Callum Turner, playing Danny, is a complete moron who makes laughably bad decisions under pressure and Grace Van Patten, playing Ellie, is cold and bitchy. I couldn’t stand following these unlikeable characters around for the first act. Thankfully, as Danny and Ellie get to know each other in the film, so do we in the audience. They begin to let their guard down and their positive character traits begin to shine through. This film is a prime example of how to do character development right. Perhaps having them be likeable and smart the entire time would have made it so the characters had nowhere to go. Yet by having them start off as unlikable, we see them transform and bring out the best in each other as they have great chemistry onscreen together. Turner and Patten’s performances are strong and writer/director Adam Leon’s script provides worthwhile content for these two actors to dive into. Some of the convenient coincidences do bring the film down a bit and subplots with supporting characters are abandoned or underdeveloped as they get sacrificed for the sake of our main characters. I wish Leon developed both and at a very lean, well paced hour and 22 minutes, he had the time to. The soundtrack also had that pretentious indie feel to it that movies like “Garden State” have that I find annoying in films but luckily it didn’t bring down my enjoyment of this particular film. The last 2/3 of the film, well developed leads, warm and spirited performances, brisk running time and feel good nature of the film make this an underrated and hidden Netflix gem that you should seek out if you’re looking for something new to watch.

#BestBriefcaseScenario / #PattenHerOnTheBack / #PlatformBlues / #ThePolackExpress / #ShadyAndTheTramps / #OldTrampingGrounds

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