Sandy Wexler

2/10 Well I am halfway through the six picture deal that Adam Sandler signed with Netflix and although I didn’t officially review “The Ridiculous 6”, I did watch it before I started reviewing movies and if my memory serves me correctly, it just might be the worst movie Netflix has ever crapped out. Like this movie, “The Do-Over” I gave a solid 2/10 to as well. So if these first three movies are any indication, I am really dreading the next several (although to be fair I’ve heard they get slightly better). “Sandy Wexler” finds Adam Sandler doing his obnoxious, weird voice shtick for the entire duration of this movie and it grows old fast. Speaking of the duration of the movie, one of the biggest problems is that the movie is two hours and eleven minutes which is a solid 40 minutes too long. Great movies can go on for as long as they’d like but when a movie is this painfully bad, you basically want it to end as soon as possible. You will feel every grueling minute of run time in this unfunny mess. I chuckled two or three times but was never moved to let out one true, genuine laugh the entire time. This might have the most blatant product placement out of any movie I’ve seen in my entire life. There were as many products as there were people in this movie and Netflix is shilling hard for these products, of which there are too many to list. This feels like it exists solely for Sandler to fulfill the six picture deal he made with Netflix (the equivalent to a filler episode of a TV show just to meet the episode count order) and for Netflix to get paid by all the companies whose products are forced down our throats. The movie takes place in the 1990s and I haven’t seen this many forced 90s references since “Captain Marvel”, which was only slightly better than this movie. Jennifer Hudson is such a multi-talented singer and actress (she deserves all the love and praise that the completely overrated Beyoncé gets) and it really is a shame that her talents are wasted on such low brow, bottom of the barrel material. I’m sure the movie was a blast to make, as it is fun seeing Sandler’s crew of usual suspects all pop up (and then some). The number of cameos and appearances is one of the few highlights here. The character of Alfred may be my favorite cameo and was a welcomed surprise that I won’t spoil for you. The movie is entertaining and despite how dumb of a character Sandler is playing, there is something so likeable about him in almost every movie he is in, which makes this pill a little easier to swallow. There is some emotional heart to the movie but you will have to wade through all of the unfunny jokes, underdeveloped characters and terrible script, which won’t be worth it. The completely asinine plot is both unoriginal and unrealistic and one of the most over the top, thoughtless movies I’ve suffered through in a while. Here’s to hoping we get more serious “Uncut Gems” Sandler and less of whatever the Hell this is.

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