The Discovery

4.5/10 On paper, “The Discovery” is a surefire hit. An original science-fiction story with a stacked cast that includes Jason Segel, Rooney Mara, Robert Redford, Jesse Plemons, Riley Keough, etc. should be a recipe for success. Unfortunately for us, a fascinating premise and great cast fails to live up to its potential. After an intriguing opening that grabs your attention and piques your curiosity for what’s to come, the movie is able to maintain your interest throughout its running time. The pacing works and this is a well edited movie. However, the movie raises so many questions and such deep, thought provoking subject matter that when the final act comes around, nothing presented to us is satisfying. The movie wants to be a deep psychological study of life, death, suicide, purpose, the afterlife, etc. yet feels hollow and empty by the time the end credits begin to roll. Essentially all of the subplots, side characters and backstory aren’t developed enough so we only get a taste of this alternate universe but are never fully immersed. Jason Segel and Rooney Mara are the only two characters whose motivations are established. There was great potential for Robert Redford’s character, whose wife committed suicide, to see what makes him tick and what drives him to do the things we do, but we barely tap into him. It feels like the vast majority of this movie is functioning at 50% capability. A few more passes on the script really could have benefitted this and it’s such a shame too because the plot is a fascinating one with so much potential. The production design is minimalistic but very fitting and appropriate for the story being told. Jason Segel, known primarily for his comedic turns is a talented dramatic actor as evidenced by this movie as well as work like “The End of the Tour” and I enjoy that as an actor he changes things up instead of playing the same role over and over. This is a more difficult movie to review since the general problem infects every facet of the plot and characters. A cult like group within the movie isn’t developed at all and that alone could have been a fascinating additional layer to dive into. The score is extremely forgettable and you will barely even notice its existence. A movie that wants to be deep but falls flat, “The Discovery” can be commended for its ideas presented and talented performances, but the execution and restricted script make this one discovery that ultimately, doesn’t need discovering.

#HowIFretYourMother / #DidntDisCoverEnoughGround / #AnUnfinishedAfterlife / #SuicideEffects / #AfterWife / #ImThinkingOfEndingThings2

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