3/10 A movie with only a few redeeming qualities, “Eurovision” lacks the clear vision to be anything more than an unfunny, forgettable movie that lacks laughter as it steals from other films. Before we get to the heart of why this is a bad movie that you don’t need to waste time watching, let’s start with the positive aspects and what worked. Rachel McAdams and Dan Stevens are the two cast members who really stand out as having done a great job. McAdams is loveable and convincing, despite the silliness of her role and the movie in general. Stevens is having a total blast playing the over the top Russian singer and the man has quite the range when it comes to his acting across dramas and comedies. The movie is very entertaining and even though its running time is about two hours long, you will be entertained from start to finish. Finally, several of the songs written for the movie (particularly the finale song that gets sung at the Eurovision contest) are well written and powerful songs that you will enjoy listening to. As a bonus, the only time I really laughed was when the movie poked fun at both Arizona State University (I graduated from their film school) and rival University of Arizona. Although non-Arizona residents may not appreciate those schools getting poked fun at, I definitely did. As for everything else in the movie, I’d rather be stuck in an airport terminal waiting for a long flight to Iceland than have to sit through all of the problems this movie has. The biggest and most glaring problem is that this is a comedy that is simply not funny. So many of the jokes are childish and fall flat. The script, besides not being funny, is extremely predictable and steals aspects from other movies ranging from “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” to the “Pitch Perfect” trilogy. When I mentioned the two performances as positive aspects, you will notice how I left out Will Ferrell. It isn’t that he is bad in the movie, he has just played this type of character before and his routine is starting to get old, especially as he gets older himself. Ferrell is a talented and hilarious actor but he needs to change things up and show off some of his range, instead of playing different variations of the same character repeatedly. Besides our two leads, absolutely none of the supporting characters have any character development and are therefore wasted opportunities to give the movie some depth. Another strange problem comes in the form of auto tune. I understand while some artists sing or record songs, auto tune gets utilized, which makes sense. Yet here, characters randomly break into an impromptu jam session and start singing at a lavish party and everyone’s voice sounds so auto tuned and fake where auto tune is clearly not being used so that came off as unrealistic and distracting. The plot is totally absurd and the villain is a predictable, thinly written moron whose motivations make little sense. Will Ferrell co-wrote the movie and this movie is further proof that unless he is working or writing with Adam McKay, he needs to just stick to acting. As someone who grew up on “American Idol”, this movie is one singing competition that is gonna be a no from me, dawg.

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