I Dont Feel At Home

8/10 A strange film to review, “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” is odd in all the right kinds of ways. The film is unique, original, violent, full of dark humor, quirky and spans multiple film genres with ease. Macon Blair, who has done some solid screenwriting in his career makes his directorial debut to great results, making me automatically excited about what he decides to tackle next. This is essentially an indie film but never feels cheap. The grounded, dirty, pessimistic vibe sets the tone and suits the film well. The cast assembled here puts in impressive work as these weird yet memorable characters. Seeing Elijah Wood play against type was a lot of fun and Melanie Lynskey is perfectly cast as our lead protagonist. The film jumps from being straightforward to having helpful hallucinations and back to normal in the blink of an eye but it works here. While not a laugh out loud comedy, the subtle humor comes from the film’s darkness and the situations our characters find themselves in. Without going into spoilers, this is a somewhat hard film to describe but I can say that if you like strange films that stand on their own and are very memorable (and you don’t mind some violence), then this experience is worth seeking out. At roughly an hour and a half, the film is well paced thanks to Blair’s tight script that constantly keeps things moving but never too fast to the point where we can’t keep up with what’s going on. You will have no idea what direction the film will take, as something unexpected is always happening to keep the audience surprised and entertained every step of the way. There are only a few negatives but they won’t hamper your overall enjoyment of the film. First off, due to the odd nature of the film and its combination of violence with dark humor, many people won’t want to watch this as it was not made for mainstream audiences (although that is definitely not a mark against this film in any way). There were several moments of super convenient coincidence (usually done to stop a bad guy) that occurred several times and were pretty over the top. A little bit more character development with some of the supporting characters could have helped out as well. Some rather unbelievable elements do hold the film back from true excellency but this is still a great film worth seeking out. With so many early Netflix releases being truly abysmal, “I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore” is more than a relatable title; it’s a cinematic breath of fresh air.

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