Girlfriends Day

2.5/10 The shortest Netflix original movie at the time of its release in early 2017, “Girlfriend’s Day” will waste your time but luckily, only an hour and ten minutes of it. This movie has about as much worthwhile substance as a greeting card, which is to say, only a few short lines worth. One thing that works is the movie’s concept. It takes place in an alternate world where greeting card writers are the biggest celebrities of society and the successful ones are hailed as geniuses. The ever so specific universe created here, paired with its film noir vibe, should be celebrated for its originality. Unfortunately, the script doesn’t live up to the fascinating premise. Another aspect that works besides the basic idea behind the movie is the cast. I enjoyed seeing a lot of famous B list actors pop up for a scene or two and then disappear for the rest of the movie. The movie is well casted and our lead, Bob Odenkirk, does a fine job of playing our leading man who is in a rut with his glory days long behind him. Other than the cast, quick pacing and original idea behind the movie, the positives end there. As for the rest of this movie, so much of it just seems pointless. It feels like it could have been a great, condensed episode of “The Twilight Zone” or “The Outer Limits” but even though this is a short movie, there isn’t enough content to warrant it being stretched out. Despite Odenkirk doing a fine acting job, his character is a loser with not much in the way of redeemable qualities, making him a hard protagonist to root for or care about. Although it was nice seeing the supporting players come and go, none of their presence lasts long enough for us to get to know them or care about any of them. The movie never surprised me, wowed me, made me laugh (this is billed as a comedy and a drama but there were no comedic aspects to be found), thrilled me or moved me in any way. The movie just happens. Then it ends and you feel nothing except for wondering why this movie exists. If this was the writer or director’s passion project, there sure was no passion behind it. None of the production elements (costumes, production design, hair and makeup, direction, cinematography, editing, etc.) stand out in the slightest. With the film noir elements, director Michael Paul Stephenson could have had the costumes, score or cinematography reflect those noir influences but his direction does nothing of the sort. Like the holiday this movie is named after, I wish this movie was also nonexistent in real life.

#BeatingsCard / #BreakingSad / #HoliDaze / #OffTheHallmark / #WordsOfRay / #HouseOfGreetingCards

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