Imperial Dreams

7/10 Another Netflix original film I had never even heard of before viewing it, “Imperial Dreams” starts off slowly but builds momentum as it rolls along, leaving the viewer with a bit to reflect upon once the end credits begin to roll. I realized I have never seen John Boyega act outside of the latest “Star Wars” trilogy and I am glad I saw this because Boyega gives a subtle and nuanced performance which stood out a lot more to me than any of his work on those mediocre “Star Wars” movies. The supporting cast also does a great job and paired with the production and costume design, it adds up to an environment that feels as real as it surely is. The film really does a great job of highlighting the problem that convicts face when they get out of prison and are placed back into the “real world”. A system that largely sets people up for failure, Boyega impressively emotes his frustration but what I loved is how the film never becomes over the top, preachy or tries to lecture the audience. The film just shows one man’s experience as an example that so many must be facing on a daily basis. Not to take away from or condone any poor decisions that convicts made to get put behind bars, but once their time has been served, having things set up in such a way that almost guarantees they will be back in prison is no way to go about things. As someone who doesn’t find 98% of children to be cute, I must say that Boyega’s son, played by identical twins Ethan and Justin Coach, are really adorable and did a good job for being child actors. The father/son bond, especially as the film gets closer to its end, is really strong. The last half hour of the film is at its best and we wish we could spend more time with these characters since the running time flies by quickly. As for the problems the film faces, it does start off pretty slow for the first third of the film. A lot of the themes the film touches upon, while important, have already been explored in similar films before, so this isn’t going to break any new ground or be very memorable as time goes by. That being said, Boyega’s performance is memorable and makes me want to seek out some of his other films that I haven’t yet seen. “Imperial Dreams” has some good messages in it as well, which was very refreshing to see portrayed on screen. This is a good film worth watching once if you are looking for a new film to explore. You may not keep re-watching this and make it a reoccurring dream, but it is a dream worth having at least once.

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