3/10 I re-watched “Trolls” before I saw this and even though it is still not a good movie, I think my review was a little harsher than if I were to review it again today. That being said, this follow up arriving four years later (are we going to get a new “Trolls” movie every election year?) is of about the same quality level as its predecessor. We have a few of the same strengths that the first movie had; the movie is energetic and colorful so kids are going to love this. The voice cast is on point with Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake again being tailor made for these parts. There are a couple of catchy songs and I like that they took popular songs and changed the lyrics to them to make them fit in with the story. The story itself is rather mediocre but it will keep you entertained as the pacing comes at you with supersonic speed. I preferred the plot of the first movie better because it felt far more personal and focused. This movie has a much larger scope and scale but we sacrifice character development because of it. Sure, Queen Poppy struggles with being a solid queen and Branch tries to muster up the courage to tell Queen Poppy how he really feels but we barely spend any time on those two issues. Instead we waste time with a subplot involving a troll trying to find other trolls that look like him, which I couldn’t have cared less about. Despite a few great songs, there were several problems with this movie’s soundtrack. The score was completely forgettable, the medleys changed songs so quickly that it felt like someone was just turning a radio dial and the first movie had “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” but this movie ends in “Just Sing” which isn’t half as strong or catchy. Side characters don’t have much to do, an adult joke right at the end of the movie seemed wildly inappropriate for a kids movie and the movie almost moves too fast. So many colors and crazy visuals set to music are blasted at your senses to keep kids invested that the movie barely slows down to communicate with the audience and emotionally connect with us. If you don’t have kids, there is absolutely no reason to see this movie and even if you do, the first movie gets the slight advantage so you are better off watching that one.

#ImALittleBitCountryImALittleBitRockAndTroll / #ConTrollFreak / #LookingToBranchOut / #TrollierThanThou / #ComeToPoppy / #RelationshipTrolls

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