The Wrong Missy

7/10 Similarly to “Bad Boys for Life”, I am pleasantly surprised at how highly I am rating this film. Don’t get me wrong, this film is dumb, ridiculous and extremely over the top but it still works because it is funny and has some winning performances. Comedy is the one genre where the plot can be either great or terrible but as long as the humor works, the film remains enjoyable. If a drama has a horrible plot, the film simply won’t work. After “The Do-Over”, “The Ridiculous 6”, “True Memoirs of an International Assassin” and other terrible Netflix films from roughly the same group of actors and behind the scenes talent, I was very nervous for this. Luckily, I laughed way more than I was expecting to and found myself enjoying this way more than I should have. It definitely doesn’t break any new comedy ground and certain bits or characters fall flat (Rob Schneider in particular doesn’t provide any of the film’s laughs) but the zany concepts, as unrealistic as they may be, had me enjoying myself. Despite the film being predictable and going the way you think it will, there is an emotional, softer side that stands out in between moments of vulgarity, which strengthened the film. David Spade did a fine job as our male lead but he was basically playing the same character we have seen him play before. The real standout in this was our lead female, Lauren Lapkus, who completely commits to the crazy character she plays. In an all or nothing performance, she gives it all and her dedication and hilarity really makes the part work. It was also nice seeing other members of the Adam Sandler crew and I also enjoyed the nod to “Lost” with Jorge Garcia and seeing some other TV greats like Geoff Pierson (known for his role as Deputy Chief Tom Matthews in “Dexter”) similarly commit to his silly role and Sarah Chalke (Elliot from “Scrubs”). This film is definitely on the raunchy side as a warning to those expecting something more along the lines of “Billy Madison” or “Happy Gilmore” so even though it has the feel of a classic Sandler comedy (it has multiple family members of his in it), this one is not for the kids. Despite all of the silliness, if you are like me and found this film to be as funny as I did, you may have just stumbled upon the right Missy.

#MusicByMissyElliot / #DrivingMissyCrazy / #HasLaughterInSpades / #SinkOrTim / #VanillaIceBreaker / #BotherOfTheYear

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