1.5/10 As I review more and more Netflix movies due to movie theaters being closed, I am mostly watching original Netflix films in the chronological order in which they were released and the more I watch, the more I realize that their early releases (from 2016) have been pretty terrible for the most part. “Rebirth” continues that trend with this painful waste of time. Have you seen “Fight Club”? I have, you probably have and the writer/director behind this turd certainly has, seeing as this is a low budget rip off that tries its best to be “Fight Club”, while failing miserably in every way. “Fight Club” had a great cast, fantastic visuals, memorable characters, powerful direction, a cool factor to it and was based off of an original story. This movie on the other hand has a cast with a terrible leading man (probably why I haven’t seen him act in anything else since he is awful in this) who is irritating, moronic, unbelievable and all around stupid. Having someone like that be the movie’s lead protagonist makes watching this a chore. The plot gets more and more unbelievable and unconvincing as the movie goes further along. The power that the rebirth group on which the movie’s title comes from is insane and not only could the group not pull off a fraction of what it does in the movie but the police would be called on them, the internet would expose them and they would go bankrupt due to lawsuits. The ending didn’t feel earned or realistic as the movie takes no risks with having a twist at the end like “Fight Club” did, but instead settles for lazy predictability. The sets feel cheap and low budget, ideas explored are either barely touched upon or have already been explored way better in superior films. The score goes back and forth between forgettable and ripping off shades of the score from “Gone Girl”, another David Fincher film. Clearly the film maker behind this isn’t even trying to hide his influences. Too bad he doesn’t have an inkling of the talent that Fincher has. The only positive aspects I can think of are that the pacing goes by quickly enough so the movie doesn’t drag and the beginning actually started off alright before the quality began descending and never recovered. If a rebirth is supposed to cleanse you, this movie makes me wish I had never been born in the first place.

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