The Do Over

2/10 If I could make my own do-over and decide not to watch this movie I would. I love Adam Sandler and he definitely has some hilarious films and has done some fantastic dramatic acting (the recent “Uncut Gems”) but then he often does some terrible movies like this, usually as an excuse to vacation in a foreign country where they are filming. Sandler and his crew will pick a country/location they would love to spend time in (Africa in “Blended”, Hawaii in “Just Go with It”, Canada and Italy in “Murder Mystery”, etc.) and then craft the story so it ends up in those exotic shooting destinations. In the case of “The Do-Over”, the cast and crew got to film and spend time in Puerto Rico, where a good chunk of the story revolves around. Which brings me to the worst part of the movie…the story. The story is ridiculously stupid, overly complicated and extremely over the top. So many aspects are just flat out unbelievable and the movie is often painfully predictable. I am a sucker for movies that get me emotionally invested or connected to characters and situations and part of the plot deals with cancer, yet I found myself not caring at all or feeling bad for the character who had it. I get that this is a comedy so I can forgive its over the top nature if this movie were hilarious. Sadly, besides a few chuckles, this is not a funny comedy and the vast majority of the jokes fall completely flat. The little special effects that are in the movie are so cheesy and fake looking and the score and soundtrack, like the movie overall, are completely forgettable. Kathryn Hahn is completely wasted and most of the supporting characters don’t really matter at all. The only few positive aspects the movie has going for it are the chemistry between Sandler and David Spade (their real life friendship comes through in the movie), as well as some of Sandler’s other usual suspects (Nick Swardson and Sean Astin) and the fact that the pacing worked as the movie never slows down. This is a step up from the absolute disgrace that was “The Ridiculous 6”, the worst original Netflix film in existence at the time of me writing this. Since I am reviewing a lot more original content on Netflix due to theaters being closed, I am sure I will get through more of Sandler’s movies. Let’s just hope his more recent features are better than this cinematic turd.

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