Birds of Prey

3/10 This was the last movie I was able to see before all theaters nationwide closed down due to the Coronavirus and I am pretty bummed that I ended on such a weak note. This movie is pretty awful with only a few positives, which I will get out of the way first. There are a couple of performances that I enjoyed (Margot Robbie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead stood out to me), some of the fight choreography worked well, the excellent production design and costume design and a couple characters (like Black Canary) were well developed. That being said, this movie is a disaster that pathetically tries to blame its failure on audiences not knowing that this was a movie about Harley Quinn, despite her name being in the title of the movie, so they changed the name of the movie, which did nothing to help since the movie still sucks and no title change will fix that. As for what is wrong with this movie, get ready for a laundry list. Harley Quinn is not a likeable lead character and just like when they gave the minions from “Despicable Me” their own movie, we learned that some things are only good in smaller, supporting roles and get annoying if you spend too much time with them. Harley Quinn is another example of this. Despite Robbie’s fine acting, her character is rather grating and does terrible things like break a man’s legs because he got upset when she drunkenly spilled booze all over his expensive clothing. Speaking of men, every male character in this movie is either a jerk, incompetent, weak, stupid, evil or some combination of that list. Since the movie tries to be some feminist/female empowerment movie, I guess that means no well written or likeable male characters can be allowed. The messaging is so heavy handed with the female cop always having men take credit for her hard work (spare me). The main villain played by Ewan McGregor, is so over the top and cringe worthy, that I genuinely felt bad for McGregor, who is a great actor, for having to stoop so low. Even though some of the fight choreography worked, it was pretty unbelievable that Robbie, who is skinny and not muscular was easily able to knock out 250 pound men with a single punch or a kick. It was especially easy since these large groups of men loved to attack her one at a time. There are so many bad individual moments in the movie. Near the beginning Harley is being chased by the female cop, Montoya, and she just so happens to keep running into all of these people she has wronged in the past. One throws an object from their apartment window, as if they have just been standing at their apartment window all day holding a heavy object, waiting for Harley to come by. It was totally ridiculous. Another ridiculous moment was when Harley single handedly raids a police station all by herself and no one is able to stop her, overpower her, shoot her or call for backup even though she is only shooting bean bags and confetti. Later, a bunch of heavily armed men stroll in as well, unopposed. Once Harley is in the prison, she slams her weapon onto a control panel until it magically opens up all of the jail cells, something that would never happen. There is a climactic fight in an old, shut down amusement park but just to make the fight scene cooler, the amusement park is suddenly fully functional and operating, despite no employees being around. Some of the CGI is really bad and the little Asian girl who Harley befriends is another annoying character and not a good actress. Another failure of director Cathy Yan is that she doesn’t know how to utilize silence. She jams so much nonstop music into the movie that it becomes overwhelming and distracting. There were a few covers of songs in the movie that were just awful. There are more complaints than that but I think you get the idea that for how much crap “Suicide Squad” received back in 2016, that was a far superior movie to this piece of crap. Feel free to skip it and hope that the DCEU can learn from its mistakes and follow Marvel’s lead.

#TurdsOfPrey / #DirectedByCathyYawn / #EwanACompleteDisaster / #TheWagesOfQuinnIsDeath / #RomanAroundLookingForADiamond / #Harley&Me

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