4.5/10 If you’ve seen the trailer for “Underwater” then you will get exactly what you would expect to get. Although totally mediocre, if you turn your brain completely off, you can have some fun with this movie as long as you don’t expect anything of high quality. To be clear, the only thing ground breaking in this movie are the drills that the characters are using at the bottom of the ocean. This movie doesn’t bring anything new to the table and owes a great deal to the films of Ridley Scott and James Cameron. There are some decent actors in this movie but you can tell they took these roles for the paycheck and aren’t able to really stretch their acting muscles due to the ho-hum script. It falls into the classic tropes of characters trying to survive but getting killed off one at a time and seeing who is still left standing at the end. Besides a lack of originality, a huge problem the movie has is concerning the script and tone. Since no movie can cast T.J. Miller as anything other than a wisecracking jokester, someone will have just died a minute earlier and then Miller is making jokes, which feels completely inappropriate given everyone’s current circumstances. Right after the movie’s inciting incident when our characters don’t even know if they are going to survive and Miller’s character is freaking out and in a full blown panic, he is then suddenly relieved enough to joke around a minute later, which was really dumb. There is also some completely unnecessary narration in the beginning and end of the movie which added nothing to the overall quality of the movie. A lot of the special effects were also a little cheesy and low budget looking, most likely due to budget constraints. Despite the movie’s problems, some aspects pleasantly surprised me at how well done they were. The biggest example is the movie’s score from the always reliable Marco Beltrami who co-scored the movie along with Brandon Roberts. There is also some fun to be had and even though you generally know what will happen next, you aren’t sure who will be next to die and how they will get out of certain situations. Even though this is a typical January release date movie that owes a lot to other science fiction and horror films, “Underwater” has some elements to enjoy and appreciate if you are looking for an easy rental/stream with solid pacing.

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