Charlies Angels

3/10 McG’s first “Charlie’s Angels” movie was cheesy but tons of fun if you turned your brain off. His second movie took things way too far and was so over the top and unrealistic that it really put a damper on the fun aspect. Now 16 years later, this reboot/sequel totally changes the tone but loses out on all of the fun in the process. This movie has the same problem that “Captain Marvel” had back in March. Instead of just having women be badass and naturally be their cool, intelligent selves, the social justice warrior/feminist script has to force its heavy handed messaging down the audiences’ throats until you choke on it. The script is too concerned with making sure it is woke instead of…I don’t know…creating likeable characters, solid action and an engaging plot. Besides its over the top messaging, the script is just all around bad. There are tons of cheesy dialogue (nothing new to this franchise), blatant exposition, moments that make no sense in terms of plot but only act to throw the audience off from the predictable plot twists. Once you realize the feminist agenda of “woman = good / man = bad”, you will easily be able to predict this entire movie. There are totally random cameos that make no sense (why the Hell is Michael Strahan in this in a serious capacity?!). The score is completely forgettable and generic and the soundtrack is even worse. The soundtrack feels like it only exists to sell the soundtrack and not what fits with the movie. Kristen Stewart’s character is so annoying that she literally admits that she is annoying in the movie. Naomi Scott is the stand out and she does a great job but the fact that her character is shoe horned into the mission is extremely reckless and puts many innocent people in danger. A plot twist with a villain makes no sense in terms of their motivations. Sam Clafin, normally a good actor, is so over the top and eye rolling that you just have to shake your head and wonder what this movie would have been like if the film makers would have taken it seriously. It is easy to see why this movie has bombed at the box office and laughable that director Elizabeth Banks has blamed its failure on men not wanting to see female lead action movies (the previous “Charlie’s Angels” movies along with “Kill Bill”, “Aliens”, “Terminator 2”, etc. beg to differ) instead of owning up to shooting a really bad script with no soul to it. The only positives this movie has to offer are that some of the action works, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska do a great job, the pacing works and the globetrotting aspect adds scope to the movie. Regardless of a few positives though, this movie deserved to fail at the box office and if you still want to see a real female lead action film coming out next year, a film called “355” with Jessica Chastain is one to keep an eye out for. For a movie about angels, this movie sure felt like Hell to sit through.

#AsFunAsACharlieHorse / #CharlieHitMe / #TriLightBreakingYawn / #FeministFatale / #CharliesAngelsHaveFallen / #ShittyOfAngels

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