No Safe Space

5/10 I am a big fan of political documentaries so I was pretty excited to check this movie out. By the end, I was definitely underwhelmed but I still believe this is an important movie to see. I follow the news and politics pretty religiously so one problem with this movie is that if you are like me, much of what this movie presents I already was familiar with and knew about. Those who don’t pay as close attention to the news will definitely get more out of this as it educates them but for those like me, I didn’t get a lot of new information out of it. I thought the movie would be exclusively about college campuses across America and the “safe space” culture that comes along with them. Although that was the main focus of discussion here, the movie loses focus and touches on a bunch of other topics, but with not enough time to dive deep enough, making this narrative somewhat scattered. Another problem is that this is a documentary aimed at younger and older adults, yet there were a couple of kiddie cartoon sections this movie has that were completely unnecessary. A “School House Rock” parody went on way too long, had a terrible rhyme scheme, looked cheap and didn’t have the magic of what it was parodying. There were a couple moments like that that didn’t belong in this movie and it felt like they were only there to appeal to kids, who wouldn’t be watching this movie anyway. That being said, there are some really good things this movie does. There were a couple clips from “South Park” and “The Simpsons” that were brief and fit in very well in the context of what was being discussed. Perhaps the movie’s greatest strength is the diversity of people interviewed/speaking here. The movie has two stars/hosts. One is a conservative, Orthodox Jew and the other is a socially liberal atheist known for being on “The Man Show” and “Crank Yankers”. These two completely different men have many differences but both completely agree about how important the First Amendment is and how crucial freedom of speech is to our democratic republic. We don’t just hear from right wing or conservative speakers here. We get to hear a lot from the left and liberals as well, which prevents this movie from becoming a right wing propaganda piece. Both the left and right have many who are rightfully very much in favor of free speech and this movie is at its best when hearing that from both sides. It may be a little cheesy, have some unnecessary moments and not offer a ton of new information for news/politics junkies, but this can inform many people, deals with very important and relevant subject matter and has a great diversity of people speaking on these topics. It won’t blow you away but this is a movie that should be seen by anyone who cares about free speech.

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