Black Blue

2.5/10 I would say that “Black and Blue” is a generic movie and in many ways it is, but it is less than that while simultaneously being completely forgettable. A day after you see this movie (if you are unfortunate enough to), you will struggle to remember the forgettable characters, unoriginal plot, lack of directorial style, lazy screenwriting, nonexistent tension and charisma and bland action. The trailer shows almost all of the movie so if you want to save a couple of hours, just watch the trailer and call it a night. There are so many nonsensical moments in this movie that will make you roll your eyes. Characters make the most idiotic decisions only to allow the movie to keep moving forward. Characters aren’t properly developed and their personalities feel like they were constructed from the screenwriter throwing darts at a bulletin board of personality traits. The soundtrack is abysmal and the score almost nonexistent. The movie drags on too long, despite the audience already knowing how this will predictably end so you just wait impatiently for the credits to finally roll. The social commentary, particularly near the beginning of the movie is so cliché and laughable that I don’t understand how anyone can not be sick of it by now. This movie has nothing important to say but sadly thinks that it does. This movie has very few positive aspects going for it. The biggest aspect I can complement is Naomie Harris and her fine acting in taking a rather dry character, committing to it and adding layers not on the page. She is a very likeable lead and does her best to elevate this movie. Frank Grillo, similarly doesn’t have anything to work with in terms of the character written for him yet is still dedicated to giving a decent performance. Both actors deserve better but their presence really helps out. Some solid acting aside, you don’t want to waste your time with this movie. I know I will never watch it again and it would be more enjoyable to get beaten by a horde of corrupt police officers than to sit through this bad TV movie that only was greenlit because the budget wasn’t too high. If anyone catches me trying to re-watch this, please plant some hard drugs on me and call the police so I can cool off in the slammer.

#TheSilenceOfTheCams / #HouseOfMouse / #MusicByTheBackstreetBoys / #WildWildWest / #CollateralDuty / #IDidItAllForTheRookie

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