Twilight Zone

5/10 Since I can’t for some reason just watch the latest reboot of “The Twilight Zone” that came out earlier this year with Jordan Peele before watching every previous season ever made, I have begun the long and arduous task of watching hundreds of previous episodes of this show. Naturally, my journey into the twilight zone begins at season one where Rod Sterling started everything off to mixed results. This show is to obviously be applauded for its originality. Creator and writer of most of the episodes Rod Sterling has a very interesting life story leading up to the creation of this show and the idea and concept in creating this was very original, particularly for its time when there was nothing else on television quite like it. One thing that surprised me about the show was how impressive the production design was and how large the budget must have been. So many of the sets and locations are massive and more expansive than one might imagine for this time period. They seemed to have spared no expense in the creation of this show. It was also fun to see some famous old actors that although I couldn’t name them, I definitely recognized them from other shows and movies of the 1950s and 1960s. They tended to show up in the beginning and end of the season, which makes sense in terms of wanting to draw in an audience. As for the episodes, that is where things become a little dicey. I’d say about half of the episodes have great ideas behind them and are genuinely fascinating to see how they unfold and what kind of crazy twist they contain. As for the other half, unfortunately many episodes were either forgettable, boring or had absolutely unlikeable protagonists who were either complete morons, impossible to root for or uninteresting. You can tell that the show is a product of its time based off of how many of the episodes focus on Cold War related events as well as outer space, with the space race and those events not far off from reality. Having half of the episodes be difficult to get through and never knowing if a good or bad episode would be coming up makes the viewer not super excited to continue and binge watch. Another problem is simply the episode count. Coming in at a staggering 36 episodes, the season at times feels like it may never end and that we as the viewer are trapped in the twilight zone. If you cut the season in half by eliminating the weaker episodes, you would have 18 solid episodes, which would have greatly benefited the show. Overall this season ends up mediocre as the impressive, original concepts and great episodes are balanced out by the forgettable, boring episodes. I hope that season two, which thankfully has seven less episodes than this season, is tighter and stricter in terms of which episodes were approved to show as opposed to having more of the same and greenlighting every episode that Sterling and the show’s other writers wrote. I’ll be slowly continuing this show between the other shows I am watching and reviewing, but that’s just the way it goes in the twilight zone.

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