Daredevil Take Two

7/10 Despite the “Mouse House” apparently getting Netflix to cancel all of their Marvel shows, I have always wanted to take a look at how these non MCU shows held up. Whereas the MCU films are all Disney approved PG-13, these Netflix shows at TV-MA and not aimed at children, which I appreciated. Overall, I quite enjoyed “Daredevil” (it is light years ahead of the 2003 movie). It is not without its flaws but for the first Marvel Netflix show, it draws you in and gets you invested in these likable characters and their struggles and victories. Most of this cast is pretty unknown with the exceptions of Rosario Dawson and Vincent D’Onofrio. For having unknown leads, they really do a great job of acting. Charlie Cox does an incredible job of convincing us that he is actually blind and has even been recognized from various blind organizations for his commitment to his performance. The character of Foggy brings some much needed comic relief and Karen completes the trio by adding humility and a hard work ethic to the group. The core trio meshes very well together and is fun to watch. Some of the flashback scenes with Daredevil (and even Wilson Fisk) add layers that really contribute to the show’s quality. Some episodes contain nonlinear storytelling, which most shows wouldn’t have the guts to even attempt. One of the biggest highlights is the fight choreography and how well done it is. For a fight style that relies predominantly on punching and kicking instead of guns or other weapons (at least from Daredevil’s standpoint), keeping the fight choreography exciting is essential and this show really pulls it off well. There were some complaints worth noting however. First off, despite D’Onofio delivering a solid performance, the way he changes his voice to speak kept reminding me of his character from the original “Men in Black”. He is the alien that takes over the farmer’s body in the beginning of the film for those of you whom don’t remember whom he played. His voice was slightly distracting but that was somewhat minor. The second to last episode probably had the most problems with it. For example, Daredevil is getting swallowed up by a mob of people. When we cut to him later, he is completely out of trouble with no explanation of how he got out of that situation. Also in that episode there is a scene where he is running across building tops to follow a car that was playing some classical music. Every rooftop he jumps to is lower than the last one which is extremely convenient. What would have happened if the next building he had to jump to was triple the size of the building he was coming from? Also, the volume of the classical music remains unchanged whether the car door is open or not, which was silly. My biggest problem with the show was Daredevil’s abilities. His childhood accident gives him almost a sixth sense and this incredible set of powers, which I can believe. However, there are just so many things that a blind guy, no matter how skilled would be able to know or detect. There are moments when he can hear tiny, minute sounds over the much louder sounds of the rain, people walking and talking, vehicles moving, his own breathing/heartbeat, etc. He jumps off of buildings and crates and various objects and always knows exactly where he is going to land. He dodges bullets as the henchmen have Storm Trooper levels of aiming skill. Some of these moments really made me roll my eyes with how unbelievable they were. Perhaps if they would have explained his powers a little bit more, they might have made him more believable but as it stood, I just couldn’t buy some of the stuff he did without having any problems. Despite some complaints, this was an entertaining show with solid performances and great action. The episode “Stick” was one of the stand out episodes for me. I will be curious to see where they take this show in the remaining seasons and tie it in with the other Marvel Netflix shows but until I get to reviewing those, this show is worth…seeing.

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