Ready or Not

2/10 Some games are meant for kids; like hide and go seek, for example. Despite this movie being aimed at adults due to its R rating, this is like an actual game of hide and seek for anyone over the age of seven…excruciating to get through. The premise is ridiculous and silly but at the beginning we somewhat excuse it so long as the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously, stays fun, is enjoyable and overall satisfying. Even though the movie definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously, this movie gets worse and worse as it goes along. The script is absolutely terrible with some atrocious lines of dialogue and a ton of cussing that seemed thrown in for either comedic effect (which fails horribly) or to make the movie more edgy (another failure). The main character’s husband could have avoided the entire situation with putting his new wife in danger in a multitude of different, more intelligent ways. As his wife is being hunted and trying to stay hidden, she does an awful lot of idiotic screaming and yelling which only brings attention to herself. Characters don’t kill other characters when they have the chance to do so. At one moment a vehicle driving gets shut down by its OnStar system because it was reported as stolen. Yet as soon as a different character hops in the car (before police can arrive to confirm the car stolen or returned to its proper owner), the car is magically able to drive again, because the plot demands it. Most of the kills aren’t anything exciting to watch and there is absolutely no directorial style in this by the numbers excuse of a movie. A character turn at the end of the movie didn’t feel earned and was out of character. The score is forgettable and the cinematography and editing are as generic and vanilla as can be. Most of the performances were extremely over the top which shouldn’t be surprising coming from mostly D rate unknowns. The only positives I can say about this movie are that the lean run time kept the pacing strong so the movie never drags and the beginning started well enough leading up to the game’s beginning. The ending was also unexpected and a fun surprise. Despite a decent beginning and memorable ending paired with solid pacing, everything else about this movie was a total and complete failure. Think of what the worst card or board game you can play is. Now you should know that playing that for an hour and a half is still far more enjoyable than losing at this cinematic game. If you want a game themed movie from 2019 that was still bad but not nearly as bad as this, check out “Escape Room” instead.

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