Childs Play

6.5/10 I hadn’t seen any of the previous movies in this franchise that went from theatrical releases to straight to DVD before this reboot came along. After having watched the previous seven movies that range from a total uninspired joke to some over the top but campy fun, this is easily the best movie in the franchise, which isn’t saying much but is still a compliment. This movie was better than I thought it would be and served to entertain, modernize its concept in a cool way and provide some fun kills along the way. In many ways this is a rather typical, predictable horror movie that has some eye rolling moments and forces you to willingly suspend your disbelief to really enjoy this. Some ridiculous situations happen, some characters make terrible decisions, you mostly know who is going to die based upon whom deserves to die, etc. This movie is definitely not a game changer for horror movies and doesn’t even really need to be seen in theaters but if you enjoy some fun kills and don’t take this too seriously, you may find enjoyment in it. The plot wisely strays from the “a serial killer places his soul into a doll” routine that the other movies used and although how Chucky comes to be is pretty ridiculous, not scary and happens rather quickly, it still feels better conceived than the serial killer route. Using the doll as a way to tie in with all of your household modern technology as if it were a Siri or Alexa type device was a smart idea that only adds to the idea of technology becoming more and more dangerous the more advanced it becomes and reliant we become on it in our lives. There is some humor sprinkled throughout the movie that overall worked well to lighten the sinister mood. The ending scenes in a Black Friday type situation mock the consumer’s lust for the latest and greatest toys and having more toys than just Chucky wreaking havoc was an eye rollingly enjoyable time. There are better horror offerings this year (“Midsommar” so far) but this is better than the recent “Annabelle Comes Home” which also dealt with a doll causing trouble. If you enjoyed any of the other movies in this series, this is the best installment in a pretty goofy group of movies. It can definitely wait to be seen on DVD or streaming services and is a ridiculous movie but with some smart updates, solid kills and a likeable cast, this doll might just be worth playing with for the right price.

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