1.5/10 I had never seen any of the previous “Shaft” films so after watching the original trilogy from the 1970s and then the 2000 version, we finally have this reboot/sequel 19 years later and this is by far the worst movie in the “Shaft” quadrilogy, as well as being tied for one of the year’s worst films overall. Director Tim Story is one of the worst working directors today and this movie just adds more proof to that. The script is absolutely horrendous and they even completely change who the character of Shaft is. In all of the other films he was like a black James Bond. Cool, calm, confident, playboy, badass, etc. In this movie they turn him into a total jerk with barely a redeeming quality about him, whom puts innocent civilians in danger at various points in the movie. His son, Junior, is a complete wimp and sissy, which makes his turn to tough guy at the end of the movie completely unbelievable. With his father being a sexist jerk and his son being a snowflake, there is no in between likeable character to really care about or root for. The plot is ludacris, predictable and feel like it was written by high schoolers working on their first film project. Part of the plot involves some military veterans and there is hard evidence that the screenwriters not only know nothing about the military, but didn’t take the time to do research or consult anyone, which is baffling. A character introduced as a Major is in his mid-30s, which is completely unrealistically young to have achieved such a high rank, but I guess the screenwriters thought it sounded cooler than something actually realistic. Also, there is a line in the movie that says, “retired veterans”. Since veterans are by definition retired/no longer active duty, this is redundant and an extremely stupid line for anyone to utter. I’m definitely the opposite of a SJW snowflake, but even I was cringing at some of the lines in this movie that were trying to be funny I think, but just came off as tasteless and like that mindset was best left in the 1970s. The actors are basically phoning it in for the paycheck, the soundtrack is garbage, the score tries to take from the original films but adds absolutely nothing new, musically. At almost two hours long, the movie drags and you feel every second of awful screen time. Everything is over the top, cheesy and unrealistic so prepare to have your eyes rolling nonstop if you have the unfortunate circumstance of viewing this piece of garbage. Using the exact same title for this movie as the 2000 version is also confusing and lazy. The only minor positives I can bring up are some of the action scenes can be fun and hearing Samuel L. Jackson yelling the F word is generally a good time, but don’t let those factors pull you in to what is surely a franchise killer that thankfully, didn’t do so hot at the box office. Avoid this stinker like you would a corrupt cop because I would rather get a parking ticket than a movie ticket to this uninspired monstrosity.

#GivingTheAudienceTheShaft / #MethodManActing / #BennieAndTheFeds / #TheGraveyardShaft / #UsherInANewEra / #ShaftingTheBlame

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