Late Night

6/10 Late night television and a lot of comedy in general today has gone downhill due to either repetition of what is being made fun of or not really making fun of anything for fear of offending the vocal SJWs online. This movie doesn’t address any of those issues but instead focuses on women in comedy and in the work place. There are definitely some messages that need to be said and stand out but where this movie fails is that it tries to have its cake and eat it too. Mindy Kaling is the lead actress (and writer) and her character is only hired because she is a woman. Yet she then lectures that she has earned her place in the company, even though she was literally only hired for her gender. I hope people are only hired for their talent and skillset in any job and not based off of gender or diversity quotas but some of this movie’s messages get muddled or contradict each other. There are definitely elements that I really liked though. The acting from the main leads were fantastic overall and this movie did feel fairly original. There were some really well done emotional moments, some of which were relatable. There is a scandal closer to the end of the movie and I really like the way they handled that, story line wise. There are some mild chuckles but nothing laugh out loud hilarious. On the more negative side, besides my earlier mention of some mixed messages, this movie definitely is trying overly hard to be as “woke” and “progressive” as possible and some of it came off as pandering and/or talking down to the audience and giving us a lecture. There are a couple of over the top moments that will make you roll your eyes. Near the beginning of the movie when our lead character is applying for the job at the late night studio, she comments how she has seen every episode of this late night show and has read every single book about the history of this show and its host. Yet later in the movie when she is with the host, played by Emma Thompson (no idea why they did their best to make her look like Hillary Clinton for some reason, which is always off putting), she has no idea how many Emmys she has won and doesn’t even know that she has been appointed as a “Dame”, which a basic Google search or any casual fan would have known, which was inconsistent. Amy Ryan is also pretty wasted in her role and even worse, her character is super firm in her beliefs for countless years but then changes her mind in two minutes at the end of the movie which was a total farce. Overall this is a pretty forgettable movie worth a rent when you are looking for something light to watch. It isn’t hilarious or doesn’t make you change the way you will think about gender issues but at the same time it is entertaining, goes by at a solid pace and has some nice moments, leaving it essentially in the middle. “Late Night” would still probably be a better choice for your date night than watching 99% of actual late night shows on television these days.

#ComeHomeWorkSucks / #StrangerThanConviction / #DroppinMolly / #AWrinkleInPrimeTime / #HostOfTheTown / #fEMMAnist

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