5.5/10 I gave the last movie in this franchise, “Annabelle: Creation” a 3.5/10 because it was a bad movie. I didn’t have the highest expectations in the world but I gave this movie a shot anyways. It is definitely better than “Annabelle: Creation” but overall is still rather mediocre. This movie does have some things going for it though. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson were in more of the movie than I expected them to be and I was glad they didn’t just show up for a ten second cameo. They were a small part of the overall story but I like that the plot didn’t rely on them to solve the movie’s demonic problems. By changing it up and having a few younger kids/teens dealing with these problems, you really fear that they are in danger. If Farmiga or Wilson would have been there, I wouldn’t have been as worried because I feel like they would have easily fixed the problems. So the plot overall worked for me and there was no cliché preacher showing up to fight the demons. We get to see multiple demonic entities and I can see more spinoffs coming from some of them, which I wouldn’t mind as long as the films are well made and scary. The performances from the mostly unknown younger cast were fine and a little romantic subplot provided some much needed relief to an otherwise very serious movie. The movie also has a great soundtrack which was fun to listen to closer to the beginning of the movie. There are definitely problems with this movie, however. The biggest being that this is nothing we haven’t already seen before. The danger of having more and more movies in “The Conjuring” cinematic universe is that you will eventually run out of ideas. So although some things are changed in this movie, this is nothing original or groundbreaking. The movie is rather predictable, some characters make extremely stupid decisions in classic horror movie fashion and there is nothing really memorable about this movie when it is all said and done. It has your basic escalation of horror that 99% of horror movies have so the pacing is pretty typical for a horror movie. If you like the movies in “The Conjuring” cinematic universe, there is some fun to be had here but keep your expectations low because like playing with an actual doll, you will eventually grow tired of it and move on.

#HellsAnnabelles / #DollOrNothing / #DollyGrip / #BangFerryKill / #INeedAQuickCrucifix / #UpInTheScare

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