8/10 With recent music biopics like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Rocketman” doing well at the box office, “Yesterday” is not a music biopic, but instead a romantic dramedy that uses the music of the Beatles as inspiration for the story. We have already had Beatles musicals like ones they were involved with (“Yellow Submarine”) or not (“Across the Universe”) so it was wise for the film makers not to repeat what has been done before. This is lead actor Himesh Patel’s first film role after some work in television and shorts and it is extremely impressive that for his first film role, he is able to carry this movie while also having an incredible singing voice. The adorable and talented Lily James also does a fine job and the two of them have chemistry together. The romantic elements of the film overall work and are fun to watch. The music of the Beatles is obviously paramount to the film but not overused to where they try to cram too much into the film. Ed Sheeran has a supporting role and is really funny in the film. The two actors whom play our lead’s parents are also fantastic. This film was a lot funnier than I thought it would be with multiple characters delivering some great lines and/or moments. The film has heart, romance, laughter, great music and more which made this a feel good, fun watch. There are a few minor flaws, however. Kate McKinnon’s character is way too over the top and it comes across as her trying way too hard to be funny. There is a random dream sequence in the film that felt out of place and when it ends, we don’t see our character sitting up or opening his eyes in bed to really let us know that it was a dream. So the editing there seemed off and the whole bit seemed like an unnecessary cheat. There were also a couple of Dutch angles in terms of the cinematography that felt out of place and were more disorienting than anything. Lastly, there is a bit of a love triangle and near the end of the film, the third party in the love triangle gives up so easily that it took away from the conflict for the sake of wrapping things up quickly and without a mess, which felt a bit lazy to me. Those minor flaws aside, this is a fun, solid story wrapped in some incredible music so if you like the Beatles or just great music in general, you should check out this funny, heart felt film that will have you leaving the theater feeling like this was a day in the life worth enjoying.

#HereComesTheFun / #HumTogether / #PennyFeign / #TheLongAndWindingOde / #TicketToPride / #NorwegianGood

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