8/10 Upon re-watching the first two films in this franchise, the first one had some jaw dropping action but a script and dialogue that left much to be desired. After being a surprise hit, the second film upped the action even more, had some amazing set pieces and although the script wasn’t perfect, it was definitely an improvement over the first movie. For this third film, the film makers have upped the action aspect yet again for what I believe is the best choreographed fight scenes that I have ever seen in a film before. Whether it be kicking, punching, wrestling, knives, guns, horses, books, etc. anything and everything is a weapon and watching each fight with how well it is choreographed and edited is really worth the price of admission on its own. Keanu Reeves continues to be perfect for the role and I do enjoy how each film in this series is so intertwined and connected. It was fun watching him team up with Halle Berry and letting her get in on the action, even if she then leaves the film rather abruptly. There are a couple of ridiculous lines of dialogue, particularly from a bald villain, but overall the script is more along the lines of the second film and a vast improvement over the original. This film does have a few problems however. As the action has gotten better and more fun to watch, the film has also gotten way more over the top. The things that John Wick goes through and survives starts to get more and more unbelievable, culminating at the very end where something happens to him that would 100% kill him, especially after all of the wounds he had already accrued during the film. The scores and music in all of these films have never done much for me and this film continues that underwhelming sentiment. The opening 15 minutes or so have some of the best action in the film, which is incredible to watch, but also front loads some of the best action so some of the action that comes later underwhelms slightly. Which isn’t to say that the action that comes later is lacking in any way, it just isn’t as mind blowing as the first 15 minutes. Despite some over the top/super unrealistic moments and a couple of bad lines of dialogue, these films know how to do action and fight choreography better than any other action film franchise. All of the films in this series are worth seeing and this one might have been my favorite to watch. Be sure to check this out as soon as you can.

#SavedByTheParabellum / #WickFlick / #WinstonChecksIn / #DieAnotherWay / #ThingsWeLostInTheFireFight / #FightsOfTheHighTable

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